Home Depot $20 Off Coupon!

I love this firepit. I’ve had my eye on it for awhile, waiting for it to go on clearance.  Or…. for a COUPON!

If you’re needing to buy tools, a firepit, some new plants, or even a new lawnmower – it sure would help to have a 10% Off Coupon!  Sign up below to get up to $20 Off A Purchase at Home Depot:

Join the Home Depot Movers Club, by clicking on the banner above, & you’ll get a coupon for 10% Off your first purchase – up to $20 Off!


I’ll be posting a tutorial my mom did on how to make YOUR OWN backyard firepit!

$10 Pillsbury Coupon Booklet!

I just noticed on Coupons.com that you can sign up for a Pillsbury Digital Magazine for extra savings.  Well I clicked on it, signed up, and Lookie Here!!!   Once you sign up, not only will you get access to extra printable coupons, but you can sign up for a $10 Coupon Booklet as well!  They hid it good though, so follow the directions below:

  • GO HERE & click the Entertainment tab on the sidebar.  You’ll see a coupon that looks like this: CLICK IT!
  • Then sign up and you’ll be able to view the “Coupons”.  On the same page as the printables, you’ll see the $10 Coupon Booklet logo!  

I am totally in love with mailbox coupon booklets – they’re fun to get, they almost always “double”, and they often contain higher-value coupons than usual.  Another one you’ll definitely want to sign up for is the “Home Made Simple” booklet HERE.  
It’s full of great coupons for Febreeze, Swiffer, Pledge, Cascade, Dawn and MORE!  Click HERE to get yours!


It looks like it’s paying off surfing around cyberspace on a Friday Afternoon.  Check out this $1 off printable I just found.  When these babies go BOGO and I’ve got this $1off coupon too -  WOOT!   I can’t hardly stand the excitement!!   I see a very cheap quick dinner in store for my family soon:))

Conagra Banquet Coupon
  Receive a coupon for $1 off any Banquet Family Size Entree.
Conagra Marie Callender's Asian Recipe Coupon
Receive a $1 off one Marie Callender’s Asian Recipes or Pasta Al Dente.  CLICK HERE!! 

Home Depot – Watch Out A Girl’s Night Out

Hom,e Depot Do-It-Herself

Okay, you might think I am crazy but this could be a really fun girls night out.  A bunch of girls hanging out with paint brushes at a Home Improvement Store – I can already hear a good story out of this one.  I know anytime I get together with my friends to work on any kind of project (or grocery shop) we end up laughing our tails off.  I can’t tell you how many times I have had to sit down in the middle of a grocery aisle because I was laughing so hard I was afraid bladder incontinence would kick in.  (for those of you who aren’t a mom yet, you’ll understand after childbirth)

I am being serious I think it would be fun – let us know if any of you get a group together to go.  No matter how much you enjoy couponing – a new adventure now and then makes life more interesting. I’m hoping Jaimie, Kelly, and Jen will come with me.  Click the picture for more info.

While you are at it, sign your husband up for a  newsletter he would enjoy by clicking the Home Depot logo below.   You will get updates on promos, coupons, & unadvertised specials. 
Home Depot Newsletter

Home Depot $10 off $100 online Code!!
Home Depot has just released a new $10 off $100 online code: DEPOT29
(Valid through 4/4/10)

Click HERE for the Home Depot Savings Newsletter !!

5 FREE Coupon Booklets! (Updated link)

If you like to get coupons in the mail – And who doesn’t?? – then here is a great opportunity to snag 5 of them!

Go HERE and click on the entertainment tab on the left sidebar – it will bring up (4) great coupon booklets you can sign up for! *Some of these are zipcode specific, so try ones like 63366, 90210, 45435, and others…

  • Betty Crocker $10 Savings Booklet
  • Eat Better America $10.00 Savings Booklet
  • Pillsbury $10.00 Savings Booklet
  • Box Tops for Education $10.00 Savings Booklet

NOTE: These are all General Mills booklets, so you should have plenty of coupons to do great deals whenever any of these products go on sale!

  • Then go HERE and sign up for the Home Made Simple Coupon Booklet – which is full of high-value coupons for cleaning supplies and air-fresheners (Cascade, Febreeze, Swiffer, etc)