Leftover Halloween Candy Recipes



I don’t know about you, but our neighborhood was sadly lacking in trick or treaters this year.  I have about 4 bags of leftover candy  (yikes!) and I’m too weak-willed to have it around for long.  Here are some leftover Halloween candy recipes to use up that stash in a creative way!


Turkey oreo 3-3

Oreo Turkey Cookies

Save your candy corn, whoppers and peanut butter cups – you’ll want to use it on these cute Turkeys for Thanksgiving!

Candy Cookie Cake

Have a birthday coming up?  Bake up a cookie cake and instead of chocolate chips, chop up lots of chocolate candy, throw in m&m’s and whoppers, and make it a super treat!  Here’s how to make a cookie cake. (Refrigerated cookie dough makes it crazy simple!)



Rice Krispie Pumpkins for Thanksgiving 

Save up those tootsie rolls!  Pumpkins are NOT just for Halloween – make these easy Rice Krispie Treat Pumpkins for the kids on Thanksgiving, because not everyone likes (or due to certain allergies can eat!) pie :)

Ice Cream Sundae Toppings

Announce a special ice cream sundae night with all kinds of candy toppings (make it a celebration of good grades, or just no reason at all)


Cake Mix Cookie Bars

Bake up these easy cake mix cookie bars and sprinkle liberally with candy.   Great for a class treat!

Pinata Party

Another way to get rid of the candy is to make a pinata and fill it with your Halloween surplus.  Then throw a little party!  Find out how to make a pinata for cinco de mayo here!


Fall Candy Popcorn

Plan ahead for a family movie night and get some Fall Candy Popcorn ready to roll out.

Thanksgiving Candy Bark

Just like the Easter Candy Bark we made here – you can easily buy colored candy melts in Fall colors and add candy to make Fall Candy Bark.


Frugal Christmas Gift: Cookie Mix in a Jar

Put aside the chocolate or m&m’s for later and when it gets closer to Christmas you can make up this Frugal Christmas Gift of Cookie Mix in a Jar as teacher or coworker gifts!

Save for Gingerbread Houses

Lots of the candy will keep until December – so save it to decorate your Gingerbread cottage!

Freeze for Later

Don’t have any pressing reasons to bake?  Just freeze your candy and it’ll save until a rainy day when  you’re in a baking mood.

NOTE: During the freezing process, the paraffin wax in the chocolate sometimes separates from the chocolate a little, which is what causes it to look white when you open it.  As long as you’re cooking with it it won’t matter, but if you’re gifting the candy it’s not going to look pretty.



Do you have any creative uses for your leftover Halloween candy?  We’d love to hear them!

10 Halloween Candy Alternatives



Looking for some Halloween Candy Alternatives to hand out this year?   With all the food allergies around – it’s nice to offer a different sort of treat.  Here are some, creative and inexpensive favors that will make great Halloween Candy alternatives!  Also – you might have heard of the Teal Pumpkin Project - that’s where you set out a teal pumpkin to let families know your house offers non-candy treats!

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Pumpkin Cake Balls


Jamie here, I love making Cake Balls – they’re easy and scrumptious and they don’t need to be perfect to be impressive at a gathering. (Um hello – anything covered in melted chocolate is going to impress chocolate lovers!). The outside is a nice hard chocolate shell and the inside is a cakey-truffle consistency. So. Good. So since we have our annual bake sale coming up at church, I decided to whip up some Pumpkin Cake Balls with the kids.


Let me start by saying that I’m not a patient person when it comes to baking with my kids.  They frazzle my nerves if I’m wanting to make sure things turn out “pretty”.  But cake balls have a couple steps that are just right for the littles to help with – for instance, after you bake the cake and it cools a little, let them be the ones who crumble it up with their hands in a big bowl.  Then they can stir the frosting around in the bowl until the cake is a stiff play-doh consistency.  AND they can even be the ones who roll the cake into balls.  (Although I recommend scooping out equal size balls with a cookie scoop for them so they end up the same size).

Now all that’s left is for you to shoo them out of the kitchen for the dipping in chocolate step.  That’s literally the ONLY part of this recipe that needs some skill and patience.:)  Don’t you feel like this could be a good family baking project after all?  I promise it’s pretty darn stress-free!

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Princess Pumpkins {Using Dollar Store Jewelry!}

Princess Pumpkins

Jamie here, my friend Amanda had posted this picture on her facebook page of the princess pumpkins her daughters made – SO. FUN.

How easy does this look?  TOTALLY better than scooping out handfuls of gunk and getting carpal tunnel scraping the sides with a spoon at an impossible angle!

Anyway, I thought it was just the CUTEST idea – and a great way to decorate your pumpkins in a way that they won’t rot too quickly.  Plus – if you don’t have some princess props in your Costume Chest you can easily gather the props for your princess pumpkins at the Dollar Tree for just a buck or two.  (You know that’s extra awesome because they can play with it afterwards) ;)

Think of it like a Mrs. Potato Head project – just stick any accessories you want to it!  Here are some suggestions to get you started.


  • Yarn (or old wigs)
  • Plastic costume jewelry
  • Paint or Sharpies  (or Paint Sharpies - these can be used for lots of other crafts as well, like DIY Sharpie Mugs!)
  • Optional: Google Eyes
  • Optional: Mrs. Potato Head parts


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