Salvation Army | Schedule a Free Donation Pickup!

For those of you who’ve been de-cluttering or having yard sales this summer – here’s a great way to get rid of all those bags/boxes of clothes and household goods you’re always forgetting to donate.  Just head over to The Salvation Army and schedule a pickup – they’ll come to your house and take all those bags/boxes off your hands free of charge!

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My Coke Rewards | How Does it Work? Is It Worth It?


Have you ever wondered how My Coke Rewards works, and if it’s worth the time and effort?

I know I have – and I was so happy when one of our favorite readers and contributers “Deal Detective Kim” offered to write an honest review of her experience using the My Coke Rewards program!  She just about has me convinced with just these 2 points alone:

  • Free Six Flag Tickets
  • You can Text your codes!

Interested yet?  Check out what else Kim had to say:

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