Time2Save is on Frugal TV! (Shopping at Bi-Lo)

Hey all!  If you haven’t checked yet, head over to WeUseCoupons and see who’s there on the Home Page!  It’s Time2Save!

Nathan Engles (founder of the WeUseCoupons forum, and “Mr. Coupon” from TLC’s Extreme Couponing) took a trip down here to Tennessee to visit with us and learn about shopping at Bi-Lo, how to pronounce Bi-Lo in a proper southern accent (“Bah-Low”), and why we get excited about PURPLE TAGS!!!!  He was even accosted by a redneck gentleman who recognized him from the t.v. show – it was too funny!

Just head on over HERE to see the little video!  *If it’s shaky or unfocused at all – you can blame me (Jamie) – as I got drafted to be the camerawoman for the whole shoot :)

We want to thank Nathan so much for taking the time to hang out with us, he’s always such a fun person to shop with!

*While you’re checking out the YouTube Video – scroll down a couple to see Nathan interviewing Kasey & Me (Jamie) about teaching workshops and blogging about couponing.

If you haven’t registered for WeUseCoupons forum yet – DO IT.  It will be a continual source of advice from helpful coupon veterans, shopping previews weeks ahead of time, and a plethora of other great deals/tips!