Earth Fare: FREE Truffles & Ice Cream!

Right now you can get some awesome freebies over at Earthfare stores!!

  • Click HERE to print a coupon for a FREE box of Earthfare truffles w/ any $5 Purchase
  • Click HERE to print a coupon for a FREE 56 oz. container of Earth Fare Natural ice cream w/ any $5 Purchase!

- Thanks, Deal Detective Kim!

Earthfare: FREE Burt’s Beese Lip Balm Tuesday!

Posted by: DealDetectiveKim

HOT, HOT, HOT: Earth Fare is doing a 12 days of Christmas promotion…. every day is another 2-day freebie. Day 3 of Earth Fare’s 12 Days of Christmas is a free Burt’s Bees Lip Balm with $5 Earth Fare purchase.  This Earth Fare coupon is valid 12/13-12/14.  (GREAT stocking stuffer!)

Some Publix stores will honor the BB lip balm, too!

Earthfare: FREE Kettle Chips!

Go HERE to print your coupon for a FREE bag of Kettle Chips when you spend $5 at Earthfare!

If your Publix accepts Earthfare as a competitor – you can use it there!

-Thanks, Deal Detective Kim!

Earthfare: FREE Organic Sugar!

GO HERE to print a coupon for a FREE 24 oz Bag of Organic Sugar with any $5 Purchase!  There is also a coupon for $.50/off per lb of Organic Turkey and $2/Off per lb of “Scoop your own Shrimp”.   I so wish Earthfare were just a teeeensy bit closer to my house.  Like – not 30 minutes away.  I would be there at least twice a week.

Oh yeah!  Don’t forget to check out the HUGE LIST of Earthfare Organic & Natural Products coupons Kasey listed this morning HERE. You can use these store coupons at Earthfare – or if your local Publix or Bi-Lo accepts them as a competitor, you could use it there as well.  How awesome is that?!

Holy Smokes: Earth Fare Means Serious Business!

I was strolling around the web last night and thought I’d check to see if Earth Fare had their wednesday coupon up yet.  Well, the bad news is that we are going to have to wait for a little bit longer for the Wednesday coupon.  The good news is that while I was on the website I found all of the above coupons.  There were so many I had to reduce my screen resolution to 50% and it took 6 screen shots to include all of them.  Then, I used my new friend Photoshop and tried to put them all together, otherwise this post would have been 5,000 miles long.

Here’s the Skinny:
1. Go to
2. Click Healthy Savings look in the top right corner
3. Click “crazy good coupons”
4. Click every coupon you’d like to print and a red circle around the coupon will pop up (see image below)
5. Once you have clicked all the coupons you’d like to print go click “print coupons.”

Click the coupons you want – then the red circle appears or select all at the top of the screen.

Here is a small sample of three of the coupons I clicked.  It looks like there are store coupons and manufacturer coupons.  Go to and enjoy!

Earthfare: FREE Brie!!!

This is a great little freebie from Earthfare stores!  Just spend $5 in the store, and you can use this coupon HERE to get a FREE small package of Brie!

I’m still waiting to see what other coupon they come out with this week, as there are usually two.  Let me know if you get the other one in your inbox and I’ll post it as well!.