Upromise: Earn $$$ for scanning your card at checkout!

It’s been awhile since we explained Upromise eCoupons, and we have lots of new readers – so I thought it was time to revisit this awesome program!

Save for College the Smart Way!
Couponing can be overwhelming – and we sometimes ignore wonderful programs simply because we don’t understand them. I don’t want any of OUR readers to lose out because we haven’t explained something well enough, so this Step-By-Step Guide to Upromise is going will walk you through:
1) What Upromise Is
2) Gettingt Started/Sign-Up
3) Registering Your Store Loyalty Cards & Activating Coupons
4) How To Shop With These “E-Coupons” to Save Money!

1) What IS U-promise?
It’s a FREE Program that helps you earn money for your child’s (Or grandchild, or niece/nephew, or even your OWN) College Tuition!!! Not only that, you can even use the money you earn to pay off your old college debt!
Simply register your store loyalty cards, activate “E-coupons”, and whenever you purchase those items, the amount of the E-Coupon will be set aside in a College Savings Account!

2) Getting Started:

Step 1: Sign-Up for Upromise

Step 2: You’ll be invited into the Preferred Diners Program, and given the option to register your Debit/Credit Cards. If you decide to do either of these (they’re FREE), you will be able to earn $$$ just paying for gas, dining out, making online purchases, or anything that doesn’t involve a store loyalty card. But for now, let’s stick to the basics!
Step 3: Go To Your New Account!

3) Register Your Store Loyalty Cards:

★This is the most Important part, you won’t save any money until you do this!★

✦ Enter your Zipcode to see stores available in your area that have participating loyalty cards. (Those above are the stores near me!)

✦ Now register the cards you have – I’ve just entered my CVS card below:

✦ Then click “Submit” & go to the “Coupons and Deals” Tab at the top of the page! (See Below on right)


✦ Next, choose “Grocery Ecoupons” from the Choices Below:
✦ You will now get to select all the coupons you want activated – I choose all of them, just in case! After you’ve selected them – Click the Orange Button that says “Activate ECoupons” to the right.


You’re ready to shop!

4) Using Upromise E-Coupons to Save Money

✦ Upromise coupons will deduct automatically whenever you purchase a product that has a Upromise Coupon already activated.

✦ Upromise E-Coupons can be used WITH Manufacturer coupons!

✦ You don’t have to spend time trying to make sure you buy items from your Upromise coupon list (In fact, I wouldn’t suggest it!) But even if you just shopped EXACTLY how you do now, you’d still have some money down the road you didn’t have before!

✦✦ Extra Earnings: Get your friends and family members to register their cards with your account, too – without doing anything at all, they’ll be helping to contribute to your kids education!

The money you accrue can be redeemed in 2 ways:

✦ Sent in a check to help pay off your own student loans
✦ Deposited into a 529 Education Savings Account for the future

What’s the catch? There IS none!

You have NO reason not to join – and TONS of reasons (Cute, little kid-shaped reasons) to get on the ball with this program! So Sign-Up, Link-Up Your Grocery Cards, and Start Saving Effortlessly! Go HERE to register your cards with U-Promise!

Disney Movie Rewards

Do you know those inserts inside the Disney Movie Boxes?  You can use those!  Go HERE to sign up and type in the codes!  Thanks Budget Savvy Diva for the deal.

And right now, you can add the word COOL to your codes and get an extra 50 points!

*Bath and Body Works FREE Lip Item with any purchase*

Go HERE for a coupon for a FREE Lip Item (up to $8.00) with any purchase at Bath and Body Works!  To use this coupon online, use code ANYLIP at checkout.  This deal ends on Dec. 24th.

Awesome deal idea!
-Bling Tasty Lip Jewels Lip Gloss $8.00 is on sale Buy 2 Get 1 Free

  • Add 3 to your cart and you will see the first $8.00 discount
  • Type in the coupon code ANYLIP and see the second $8.00 discount
  • Get 3 Lip Gloss tubes for 8.00! plus shipping

$50 off $100 at New York & Company TODAY!

New York & Company has a HOT coupon today 12/15! Save $50 off of $100!
Shop through Ebates to get cash back!
  • GO TO EBATES and search NewYork&Company (This will earn you 3.5% Cash Back – that’s at least $1.75 just for taking that one extra step) + You’ll get $5 Cashback if you are a new member!
  • Add items to your cart (check out the Buy One Get 75% off Jewelry and Buy One Get 50% off many other items!)
  • Use coupon code: 6207 at checkout   (Expires 12/15)

Kroger: Cellfire Cinderella Coupons Start Today!

Cellfire has an awesome promotion just in time for Holiday Meal Shopping.  They are offering 10,000 coupons for $1, $5, or $10 off your next shopping trip at Kroger and Kroger-owned stores!  The promotion will run for 24 hours starting this TODAY at Noon (Pacific time) and run to Noon Friday.

Here’s the fine print: By simply logging in here, Cellfire members WITH A KROGER OR KROGER-OWNED STORE LOYALTY CARD will randomly be chosen as winners of a $1, $5, or $10 coupon. Everyone who logs into Cellfire during this period (with a Kroger loyalty card) gets ONE chance to win—additional log-ins won’t count. Winners will immediately see the coupon and be able to save it to their Kroger card.

Because this is NOT first come first serve, but randomly given away during a 24 hour period, Cellfire shouldn’t have difficulties meeting the traffic demand regardless of the number of visitors.