Reuse Empty Candle Jars | Seashell Display for Summer


Jamie here, I’m always looking for new ways to reuse empty candle jars around my house.  After I’d figured out how to get wax out of candle jars (and I mean COMPLETELY!)  I had them in the window sill drying in the sunshine and they just looked so pretty grouped together like that.

. shells-in-jars-close


Love these!!

I decided to fill them using the seashells we’d collected during our last couple beach trips and grouped them together for a summery seascape.


I have a little confession to make – you see all those perfect cute starfish and sand dollars and shiny conch shells??  Yeah… I didn’t find those on the beach.

We bought a bag of them in a gift shop on our way ouf of town to supplement our massive sad buckets of broken shells.  I felt like a cheater-cheater at the time, but now I’m totally good with that purchase  ;)

I love that this project is simple and clean looking.  

If you don’t have lots of seashells to reuse empty candle jars around your house – you could also display pretty rocks for an earthy vibe and nestle a tealight into the center :)



Make sure you find out how to get beautiful, streak-free glasses in our post

How to Get Wax Out of Candle Jars

DIY Water Balloon Flip-Flops


Dollar Tree has a summer collection of colorful flip-flop that would be perfect for this DIY!  Does anyone wear anything but flip-flops in the Summer? We spend so much time at the pool, or out playing in the sprinkler in our backyard that flip-flops are our regular attire. For a crafting project, I thought it would be fun for my daughter and I to decorate a pair of flip-flops. What better place to go shopping than Dollar Tree, where we can take advantage of their incredible already low prices during their Summer Fun flip-flop frenzy?

Flip-Flop Frenzy Details:

  • Flip-flops are available in solid colors (blue, black, pink, lime, turquoise, yellow, purple, and orange), as well as colorful patterns and styles. Colors and styles vary by store.
  • Flip-flops are available in men’s, women’s, and children’s sizes.
  • Also check out colorful Summer Fun housewares, party supplies, and toys.

After seeing so many different fun flip-flop crafts on Pinterest, my daughter and I settled on water balloon flip-flops. I’m not super-duper crafty, so I wanted to make sure we didn’t bite off more than we could chew.

Water balloon flip-flops are fun, easy and inexpensive to make. I’ve included the supply list and details below.

What you need:

  • flip-flops
  • 1 to 2 packs of water balloons

You’ll want to begin on one end of the flip-flop. First, gently stretch the balloon, then tie tightly in a double knot. Alternating the direction of each balloon, continue until the straps are covered. Make sure to tie balloons closely together. You can follow a color pattern or change it up, depending on your preference.

You’ll have lots and lots of water balloons left over for fun summer water balloon fights. You could probably get away with one pack, however I went ahead and grabbed two just in case. Even so, I ran out of green balloons quickly. My kids are already planning a water balloon fight this afternoon after they finish their school work.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Dollar Tree via Burst Media. The opinions and text are all mine.

Homemade Swimmers Ear Drops

Homemade Swimmers Ear Drops

Jamie here!  My youngest was never very prone to ear infections – but last summer when we were swimming a lot he started getting them all the time.
It got so bad that we had to go to an ear, nose and throat doctor to clear it up.  He suggested drops of swimmer’s ear after each time in water, and he gave me this homemade swimmers ear drops recipe that was just as good.
You can likely find these ingredients in your home already, and the cost will be just pennies compared to the $4-6 you’d pay at the store.
Homemade Swimmers Ear Drops:
  1. Mix one part vinegar and one part rubbing alcohol into an old eye dropper bottle and shake.
  2. Use 4 drops in each ear after getting out of the swimming pool.
  3. If you don’t have a dropper bottle, soak a cotton ball and squeeze into the ear canal.
  4. The vinegar and alcohol will both kill bacteria and dry out the ear canal to prevent bacteria from growing there later.
We’ve had success with this so far – and we even use it after baths sometimes just in case.
Speaking of household items being used to replace store-bought remedies – have you tried this DIY Mouthwash and Vinegar Foot Soak yet?  If not, I highly recommend it!  Your cracked heels will feel so much better afterwards!

DIY Book Paper Wreath

Oh my goodness y’all – our friend Cortney (of Cortney Wheeler Photography) shared this on facebook yesterday and I completely fell in love!  She made this gorgeous Book Paper Wreath and it’s by far the prettiest I’ve seen.  She hung the larger one over her mantle, and a smaller version over the baby’s crib.

(SO Sweet!!  I would’ve never even thought of that but she shot me a picture and darned if it doesn’t look completely perfect in there!)



After getting some tips from Cortney and reading some other tutorials along the way – here are the basic instructions to construct your own DIY Book Paper Wreath.

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DIY Flower Planters | How to Choose & Arrange Flowers for BIG Impact!


Jamie here, if you’re wanting to try your hand at DIY Flower Planters this year (rather than buying the super-cute-but-crazy-pricey arranged pots at the garden center) I have a super-simple 3-Step Rule to share with you ;)  You need to purchase each of these types of flowers for maximum impact:




You’ll want to begin putting together your DIY Flower Planters by searching for these three types of flowers/plants to fill your pot.

*Keep in mind that they each need to have the same sun requirements






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