Halloween Costumes on a Budget



Halloween Costumes on a Budget

As Halloween draws near – it’s time to start thinking about costumes.  I have 4 boys who always want to be a popular superhero or cartoon character – never something easy like…. a mummy.  (Hello?  Stockpile of Toilet Paper all ready to go!)

But store bought outfits can be over-the-top expensive, starting around $20 and some going upwards of $50-$100…   If you want to stay within your budget while still coming up with something your kids will love – it’s going to take some creativity and a little research.  Here are some of my favorite ways to do Halloween Costumes on the cheap:

Buy Used:

Check local consignment sales, Yard Sales, Craigs List, Ebay and more to find gently used costumes for sale.  Thrift Stores put out all their costumes in September and you’ll find princess dresses, capes, clone troopers and tons more – but they go quickly so get there now!

See our post of 13 Thrift Store Shopping Tips!


Be like Sandra-Dee and make it “Semi-Homemade”:

One of my favorite ways to save on Halloween Costumes is to head to the thrift store and check out their selection.  Or wander around and look for inspiration.  The costumes will likelly be a little tattered or outdated – but they’ll make a good Starting Point!

Let’s say you find a black graduation gown – thats’all you need for a cape for Batman, Vampires and all sorts of other characters.  Maybe they have an old brown jumpsuit that looks pretty non-descript and may have once been Scooby Doo.  You can easily turn this into a bear, a lion, a puppy dog,etc….  Just get out your hot glue gun and add things to it to bring it to life.  The point is – at least with this method,  you don’t have to start from scratch and you’ll only spend a few dollars!


Homemade Costume Ideas:

If you’re really going to go gung-ho and have decided to make your own Halloween Costume – then make sure you read my post chock-full of Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas!  Find a list of DIY Kids Costume, DIY Group Costumes, and DIY Last-Minute Costumes.


Buy AFTER Halloween:

I know – this may not solve your problem this year, but take your kids to the store with you after Halloween, when costumes are up to 75% OFF, and let them pick out what they’d like for next year.  It’s true – they may change their minds by next year – but at that point you can present them with the following choices a) Last years store-bought costume  or  b) a Toilet Paper Mummy.

There are actually deals going on all year on costumes and dress-up clothes, if you know where to look.  Luckily – we do!  And we’ll do all the looking for you – just sign up to get your Free Newsletter HERE.


Shop Online Specials:

Check Amazon, Daily Deal Sites and more for big markdowns.  I’ve found great  deals on Zulily,

For instance – right now on Amazon, there are several deals on Frozen Dresses. you can pick up this DC Comics Boys Costume Trunk with (3) Super-Hero Costumes for only $23.34!  *I have this at my house – and my boys play dress up with it all the time – it’s great!  



We’d love to hear your ideas too – how do you get costumes without breaking the bank?



DIY Fabric Softener with Conditioner!

DIY Fabric Softener  Conditioner

Save BIG on laundry day by whipping up a bottle of this DIY fabric softener with conditioner, vinegar and water!

This DIY fabric softener is a simple, cost-effective solution that really works.    All you need for this recipe is white vinegar, hot water, and a conditioner in a scent you like.  Conditioner goes on sale fairly often, and couponing can even make it FREE.  What a great way to turn some of your haircare stockpile into laundry care!


I just finished a few loads of laundry using this – and when I first took the clothes out of the washer I could smell a faint vinegar odor.  I was worried.  Then I realized it was just the tub of the washing machine – the clothes went into the dryer and came out without the slightest hint of vinegar. (Whew!  I definitely breathed a sigh of relief that my hubby’s work clothes weren’t reeking!)

What you need:

  • 2 Cups Conditioner
  • 3 Cups White Vinegar
  • 6 Cups HOT Water


  1. Mix the hot water, conditioner and vinegar together in a large container.  (I used a big tea pitcher)
  2. Stir the mixture together until the conditioner lumps have dissolved. (Stir rather than shake, otherwise it will foam up)
  3. Store in a large jug or empty fabric softener container (I used a Sunny D jug!)

Here’s a printable version of this DIY Fabric Softener with conditioner:

DIY Fabric Softener with Conditioner!


  • 2 Cups Conditioner of your choice
  • 3 Cups White Vinegar
  • 6 Cups HOT Water


  1. Mix the hot water, conditioner and vinegar together in a large container. (I used a big tea pitcher)
  2. Stir the mixture together until the conditioner lumps have dissolved. (Stir rather than shake, otherwise it will foam up)
  3. Store in a large jug or empty fabric softener container
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A final thought…. I think that next time I may try this with a more strongly scented conditioner – because there just wasn’t enough snuggly smell for me at the end.  Or drop a few drops of essential oil into the mixture.  Have you found a good DIY laundry care solution?  We’d love to hear about what works for you!


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Saver Tips Tuesday | Grilled Potatoes, Emergency Preparedness Kit, Free “Good Moms” Printable

Come link up on Saver Tips Tuesday

Welcome to Saver Tips Tuesday!  Each week we’ll be talking about DIY projects, recipes, organizing tips and more!   Anything is game – whether it’s a “time saver”, a “money saver” or a tip that’s a “life saver” :)  There are so many awesome ideas out there and we want to Link and Learn from each other.

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Each week we’ll highlight tips from our own sites and then you can link up your own posts via the linky tool (any kind of “saver” tip). The linky will be on all 3 sites- so your post will get a ton of exposure!  We’ll also highlight the Top 3 posts from the linky during the previous week.


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Reuse Empty Candle Jars | Seashell Display for Summer


Jamie here, I’m always looking for new ways to reuse empty candle jars around my house.  After I’d figured out how to get wax out of candle jars (and I mean COMPLETELY!)  I had them in the window sill drying in the sunshine and they just looked so pretty grouped together like that.

. shells-in-jars-close


Love these!!

I decided to fill them using the seashells we’d collected during our last couple beach trips and grouped them together for a summery seascape.


I have a little confession to make – you see all those perfect cute starfish and sand dollars and shiny conch shells??  Yeah… I didn’t find those on the beach.

We bought a bag of them in a gift shop on our way ouf of town to supplement our massive sad buckets of broken shells.  I felt like a cheater-cheater at the time, but now I’m totally good with that purchase  ;)

I love that this project is simple and clean looking.  

If you don’t have lots of seashells to reuse empty candle jars around your house – you could also display pretty rocks for an earthy vibe and nestle a tealight into the center :)



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