Couponing for the Rest of Us

DIY Play-Doh Bud Vase (Easy Craft for Kids)


DIY Play-Doh Can Bud Vase

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Easter Baskets for Teens & Tweens | 5 Frugal Ideas


Easter Baskets for Teens & Tweens: 5 Frugal Ideas

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DIY Flower Planters | How to Choose & Arrange Flowers for BIG Impact!


Jamie here, if you’re wanting to try your hand at DIY Flower Planters this year (rather than buying the pre-arranged pots at the garden center) I have a super-simple 3-Step Rule to share with you ;)  You need to purchase each of these types of flowers:

1) a BOOM 2) a FILLER and 3) a SPILLER

You’ll want to begin putting together your DIY Flower Planters by searching for these three types of flowers/plants to fill your pot.

*Keep in mind that they each need to have the same sun requirements






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Kitchen Organization: Organize Pot & Pan Lids with a File Divider!


Organize Pot & Pan Lids with a File Divider

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DIY Laundry Detergent


DIY Laundry Detergent

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DIY Spice Organizer (LOVE this for those Odd-Shaped Jars!)


DIY Spice Organizer

Jamie here, I hate my messy spice cabinet with a passion, so this week I had the bright idea to tidy it up with a cheerful DIY Spice Organizer! (Not so much DIY as Recycled)

This is simply a plastic file bin I picked up from Target’s Dollar Spot a couple weeks ago.  I picked up a couple – I used my other one to make this DIY Plastic Wrap Organizer!  I will tell you – so far this is the best thing I’ve tried in my spice cabinet… here’s why:

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DIY Plastic Wrap Organizer (From Plastic File Bin!)



This week I took it upon myself to tackle the under-the-sink area and I wanted to share this cute DIY Plastic Wrap Organizer!  It’s simply a repurposed Plastic File Bin I picked up at the Target Dollar Spot and now I’m totally kicking myself that I didn’t buy several to use all over the kitchen.  (Argh!  Hindsigh, right?)

If you can’t find this at Target (they change their Dollar Spot items up so frequently it’s hard to say), I’m sure you can pick up various file bins at the Dollar Tree, Walmart, and other places that won’t cost much.  Even at a few dollars, this DIY plastic wrap organizer is ceratainly more cost-effective than these options:

Grayline 40231, Door or Wall Wrap Rack, White - $11.86

Organized Living Kitchen Wrap Organizer, White – $15.81


What other kinds of uses can you come up with for a file bin?  Do you think it would make a good spice organizer??



DIY Face & Lip Scrub (Only 2 Ingredients!)


DIY Face & Lip Scrub

Finally, Spring is in the air!  The trees are beginning to bud and it’s time to scrub away wintertime skin with this DIY Face & Lip Scrub!  I rarely splurge on body scrubs, because this is SO easy, works so well and the ingredients are sitting in my kitchen cabinet.

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