Grocery Store Savings Workshop May 14th – Start Saving for Summer


 May 14th – Grocery Store Savings

Still trying to figure out the whole “coupon thing?”  Have you tried but just can’t seem to get the results you’d like?  Attend a Time 2 $ave Grocery Store Savings workshop and learn how to save BIG without sacrificing all your time!  Last month I saved over $500 at the grocery store, money my family got to keep in our pockets.   I’m not an extreme couponer who’s got time for that?  My goal is to save more than I spend, although there are times when I don’t save as much.  Remember whether you save $5, $50 or $100 you are still saving money!!   Now is a great time to start saving for Summer!!

If you are unable to attend a live workshop, my book is available for pre-order here.

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