Valentine Craft Ideas: Make Their Heart “Glow” DIY Crafts!

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Valentine Craft Ideas with Glow Sticks!/.08

Want some Valentine craft ideas that will really make your valentine “glow?” Look no further! And don’t worry, you won’t have to spend lots of money to whip this craft up. In fact, the glow sticks are only about $.09 each and just about everything else you need can be found at your local dollar store or around your own home.

This craft is budget savvy as well as sweet and perfect for the holiday! Interested? Read on and find out how easy this activity is! [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids: Heart Shaped Crayons

Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids:  Heart-Shaped Crayon

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If you’re already thinking ahead of Valentine’s Day Crafts to do with your kids – you might want to start collecting old crayons!  I don’t know about you – but I am ALWAYS finding stray crayon pieces around our house, in the van, under the couch cushions – I think this is the perfect Valentine’s Day Craft for us!

Basically, you just melt old crayons in a heart-shaped mold and pop them out, voila!  Heart-Shaped Crayons!  They’d be great to give out to classmates – or if you’re a teacher, a great gift for your kiddos!

Here’s how to make them – and some nice deals on Heart-Shaped baking molds as well:


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Valentine Heart Template: Create the Perfect Heart with Free Valentine’s Day Printables

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What would Valentine’s Day be without hearts? Some folks just have a knack for drawing or cutting out the perfect heart, but others might find themselves slightly more challenged in this area! If you are one of those people who can’t snip out the perfect heart and using a template is more your style, take a peek at the free printable Valentine heart templates below! [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Crafts: Sweet Family Fun Countdown Calendar!


Countdown to Valentines Day


Getting children excited about the holidays seems to be pretty simple. And because they are very visual little creatures, some type of countdown clock or calendar seems to really get them jazzed up! Just like you might do a countdown chain at Christmas, why not do a countdown craft for Valentine’s Day? This Valentine’s Day Countdown Calendar is fun and inexpensive to make, and it gives kids a chance to keep an eye on and celebrate Valentine’s Day quick arrival!

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Valentine’s Day Craft: 52 Things I Love About You



This is a fun homemade Valentine idea Tori  found on!  What a great way to tell that someone special in your life how much you love them and how special they are, perfect for Valentine’s Day!  It’s so easy to take little things for granted, it’s so important to be intentional.  Tori said that although this craft has proven to be a bit time consuming, it’s so worth it!

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Valentine Paper Crafts: Sign Language Valentine’s Day Card

Valentine Paper Crafts

There is no better time to tell someone we love them than at Valentine’s Day! This holiday, why not use sign language and some simple paper and scissors to create a Valentine’s Day sign language card to give someone you love?

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to talk to children about how they can show our love for others. Children  know that people communicate love in many ways, but mainly by telling someone else “I love you” verbally. So what happens when someone is unable to verbally communicate how they feel? Sign language can be a new and foreign concept to children if they do not know someone who is hearing impaired. However there is no better time like the present to teach children that sign language is just another form of communication and way to say I love you!

One of the most recognized signs in  American Sign Language is the sign for “I love you.” To create this sign,  the middle and ring finger are bent into the palm, while the index and pinkie finger remain open and straight. The thumb stays out in its normal place as this sign is made, and the final result is the sign for “I love you.”

This Valentine’s Day, why not celebrate this other form of communication with a sign language greeting card? A sign language greeting card allows for you to have the conversation about sign language and signs with your child, all while creating a card to give someone they love in the process! The supplies are simple to gather and only cost pennies, and this card only takes minutes to assemble. Here is how you can make your own!

Supply List:

  • Colorful Construction paper
  • Pens or pencils
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  • Start by tracing your child’s hand onto a piece of construction paper. They love this and how much it tickles their skin.
  • Have them carefully cut the hand design out.
  • Bend the ring and middle finger forward on the cut out.
  • Take a separate piece of paper and fold in half to create a card.
  • Glue your cut out hand onto the front of the card, being careful to keep glue off of the fingers that are suppose to remain bent forward.
  • Allow your child to use the markers and pens to create a personal greeting in their Sign Language Valentine’s Day card! They can even write “This means I love you,” on the card.

That’s it! When you are finished you will have a three dimensional sign language embellished Valentine’s Day card ready for gift giving! Not only will you have this finished project, but you will also have enjoyed some valuable conversation time with your child about the different ways people communicate and how sign language plays an important role in the lives of many people!

So gather the kids around and enjoy this wonderful learning time with them, then create your own sign language Valentine’s Day cards!