Easter Clearance Around Town | 75% OFF at Walmart, 70% OFF at Target, Walgreens!

Easter Clearance Around Town – 70% OFF at Target, Walgreens

Just a reminder to get out there this weekend if you’re wanting to take advantage of any Easter Clearance!  I know that Target has theirs down to 70% OFF (although I believe the candy is still at 50%).  And last night I hit up Walgreens where they had EVERYTHING Easter at 70% OFF.  I assume CVS does too – but I haven’t had time to run there yet (Anyone been there?)

Walmart is confirmed to have their Easter Clearance 75% OFF now.

I got these huge Reese’s Eggs for youth group game night prizes – IF it can make it that long… (oh the little lies we tell ourselves when we buy candy!)

Easter Clearance finds are great for tucking in your Easter tub or next year – OR you can find some other uses for these items as well.  Candy can be used anytime – of course ;)  And chocolate Easter Bunnies can always be chopped up and tossed into cookie and brownie mixes.


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