Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive May 9th!

This Satruday, May 9th, is the National Association of Letter Carriers Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive!  You’ve probably received a baggie and a note in your mailbox this week and we at Time2Save want to encourage you to take advantage of this very easy way to help out someone else with your savvy shopping.

First – A Quick Back-Story:

Jamie here!  A few years back, my family was on Food Stamps and WIC,  and we were STILL using our credit card to help us close the gap from month to month.  As unlikely as it sounds, learning how to coupon was what put my family in the position to get off those programs and turn the tables.  Now, I have a stockpile big enough to feed my family and  (this part I love) others.

In the end – learning how to save – enabled me to GIVE.  It’s the most amazing thing…..

That being said -

Today, Saturday the 9th, is the LARGEST 1-Day Food Drive in America – Stamp Out Hunger.  The food collected will go to feed hungry families all over the nation, so look over your little (or large) stockpile with a generous eye!  They’ve made this food drive easy enough for even the laziest and most forgetful to do – all you have to do is hang a bag of canned or boxed food on your mailbox!

If you are looking for cheap donation items for the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive – check out the starred items in the weekly grocery lists.  Our “Top 10″ if you will. Those are often $1 or less items.

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