Homemade Microwave Popcorn: All Natural Healthy Snack Idea

Homemade Popcorn

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Since changing the kinds of foods that we eat last year, homemade microwave popcorn has become a favorite snack at our house. I never realized how the amount of additives added to foods that I previously thought were healthy like microwave popcorn. After an afternoon of testing out different ways to make homemade popcorn I came up with a Kettle and Cinnamon Pop Corn recipe that my little ones absolutely loved. There are so many ways you can change up this recipe, but the recipes included below are our favorites. I’d love to hear your ideas! [Read more...]

Homemade Vegetable Soup Recipe

advocare 24 day challenge recipe (1)

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Since we started our 24-day healthy eating challenge, we’ve eaten a lot of grilled chicken and salad.  As I was racking my brain trying to come up with an idea for dinner that didn’t involve chicken, vegetable soup came to mind.  It’s one of my all time favorite meals, and it reminds me of my precious daddy.  He always called it “Red Soup,” one of his favorite meals to cook when my mom had to work late.  Of course he’d cook a steaming pan of delicious cornbread, I always loved crumbling a big piece of moist cornbread right in my vegetable soup.  But……cornbread isn’t part of the plan during our 24-day healthy eating challenge.  So, I asked our Time 2 $ave Facebook community their secret to homemade vegetable soup.  I incorporated several suggestions to make the best Vegetable soup ever!!

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AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge: The Results Are In!!


advocare 24 day challenge

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Recently, I told you about my husband and I embarking on the AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge. Never would I have guessed that 24 days would make such a difference in our lives.  I wanted to update you on the final results.  We not only survived our AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge  but actually enjoyed the change.  In the beginning we were counting down the days until it was over so we could eat our “favorite” foods again.  It didn’t take long for our mindset to change.  Before we knew it, instead of counting down the days until our 24 days was over, we decided that we wanted to continue through day 25 and beyond.  Going without diet coke, coffee, sugar, and processed foods for 24 days was literally life changing for us.   [Read more...]

Stir-Fry Chicken and Veggies Recipe

 Advocare 24-Day Challenge Recipe

Although I love grilled chicken salads on day 2 of our 24 day healthy eating challenge I wanted a hot lunch. Since we had loaded up on fresh fruits and veggies, Stir-Fry Chicken and Veggies sounded delicious. I’m one of those cooks who makes up recipes in my head or combines bits and pieces of recipes I find online to come up with my very own concoction. This recipe is no exception, totally made it up in my head. Thankfully, my recipes usually turn out good otherwise my guinea pig family might rebel. I’ve been cooking since I was knee high to a grass hopper as we say in the south. [Read more...]

24-Day AdvoCare Challenge: Our Decision to Make a Change and Start Eating Healthy!


Photo credit: Marsmet491 via Flickr

Our Decision to change our eating habits and start the 24-Day AdvoCare Challenge

We’ve eaten terribly unhealthy lately.  I don’t know when it happened exactly.  I think partly due to convenience and our schedules. Probably a result of a series of compromises over a long period of time.  Maybe even purchasing items that I wouldn’t normally because they were free or cheap.  Nonetheless, no matter how we got here we made a decision that it was time for a change.  At the same time, aknowleding that we needed to make a change and actually doing something about it are two very different things.  I kept telling myself that next week would be the week we would start eating healthier.  Lets get through Christmas first, then Valentine’s Day, then a weekend getaway…….I realized unless we made a commitment it wasn’t going to happen. [Read more...]