Swagbucks: The Most Wonderful TIme of the Year to earn FREE Gift Cards!




Want to earn FREE Gift Cards just for searching online?

Join the newest winter edition Team Challenge

Team Let It Swag VS Team Jingle


Here’s How:  Now through 12/21 earn points for your team.

  • Search (2 points) Tasks (3 points) Trusted Surveys (4 points), Special Offers/Daily Deals(5 points) and for the first time SBTV (1 point – does not include mobile)
  • All of your teams points will be tallied and the winning team winds a bonus of 25 swagbucks
  • The runner up team wins a bonus of 10 Swag Bucks
  • Member with the most overall points from each team earn a bonus of $100 Swag Bucks!

To Join a Team Click the “Swagbucks Snowball Fight page, then “I want to play.” You’’ll be assigned a team. Start anytime you want. Registration does not end  Remember, all you have to do is join a team and you’ll earn either 25 or 10 extra Swagbucks, If you have only used Swagbucks search engine and aren’t comfortable with the other tasks listed, it’s okay.  Continue to use Swagbucks to search. 

What in the World is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a search engine just like Google or Yahoo! – but you earn POINTS for doing searches. Redeem your points for gift cards – and Voila! You made yourself some free money just by being on the computer doing your normal searches.

TIP: You’ll earn points faster if you “search” for all websites you normally visit, instead of just typing in their address. For instance, instead of going straight to Time2SaveWorkshops, search us in the Swagbucks Search Bar – you might win points for it!


Trade in Your Points for FREE Gift Cards!

I’ve included a couple of examples below.





If you are brand new you might want to check out our post

Swagbucks Secret Earning Tips.


Time 2 $ave is on Team Let it Swag! 

Leave a comment and let us know what team you are on.  Remember, all you have to do is join a team and you’ll earn either 25 or 10 extra Swagbucks since both the winning team and losing team win extra swagbucks!


  1. Vicky says

    If I want to subscribe under you, I just have to click your referral link?
    And how fast can I get $15 Amazon or PayPal from Swagbucks?
    Because at Gifthulk I got $15 Amazon in 4 days, so will the Swagbucks be faster? What do you think, from your experience?

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