Swagbucks Sale: $5 Paypal Cash = 550 Swagbucks!

If you have been saving up your Swagbucks and are ready to cash in – you don’t necessarily have to get an Amazon gift card as the most for your money (Currently $5 Amazon E-Gift Care = 450 Swagbucks).  Starting today, $5 in Paypal Cash, which usually costs 700 Swagbucks, is on sale for just 550 Swagbucks!

As you see – I was up to 1204 Swagbucks in my account since the last time I cashed out.  I just bought (2) $5 Paypal Cash, which will help fill the gastank for my Christmas visit to mom’s in Kentucky :)   That leaves me with a sad 104 Swagbucks :(  I guess it’s time to start searching with my toolbar so I can find some more!!

Have you signed up for Swagbucks yet?

If not – this is your lucky day!  Swagbucks has teamed up with Time2Save to offer all new Swagbucks members a big fat welcome bonus!  GO HERE and type in the code: TIME2SAVEnpr to earn 55 Swagbucks go get you started! (Case sensitive) Normally you get 30 Swagbucks for joining – so here’s an extra 25 for using that code!


  1. kt raif says

    i don’t really understand how you use your swagbucks. $5 paypal doesn’t seem like much. what can you do with $10? (ok i know that sounds stupid) and the amazon $5 gift cards – can you use multiple gift card to buy something? i have over 2300 sb but don’t really understand how i can “pay for christmas” with it. sorry. i’m the “challenged newbie” (except i’ve been doing this since summer so you’d think i would’ve gotten it by now… still not making a dent in my actual budget…ugh! i need a fairy (couponing) godmother. ;-) but really, can you explain how you use sb to purchase stuff? thx!

    • Jamie says

      Hey kt! While it doesn’t seem like much – I use my Swagbucks toolbar just like you might use any other toolbar (Yahoo, Google, etc….) So all day I’m searching coupon sites and such – I’m getting surprised with little Swagbucks awards randomly.
      You forget about them for a bit – and then suddenly you realize you’ve accrued 500, and that hey! That’s $5 you didn’t have! Or 450, and that’s an Amazon gift card. If you are rarely on the computer, it may not be very rewarding, it’s true. But if you are – and if you refer friends (or even your husband) to sign up under you, you’ll start earning matching bucks to everything THEY earn too!!!
      Then you’re off to the races :)
      But honestly – I have referred noone through my own account, and I still trade in for a $5 gift card about once every few weeks, which is money for doing nothing.
      Thanks for the question! I had the exact same one when I was thinking about joining.

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