Swagbucks Collectible Bucks (& Share Your Swag Tricks)!

Just a reminder that if you aren’t going hog-wild on the Swagbucks Searches this week, you should be!!  There’s so much crazy Back-To-School Bonus Bucks hoopla going on, I can hardly keep it all straight. Deal Detective Kim just told me she’s already been awarded 3 of the 5 Collectible Swagbucks – which means all she needs is the other *2* to win 50 extra bucks on Friday!

(I’m so jealous, I still only have my one $9 collectible buck, how about you?)

Here are the other goodies going on this week:

  • 70 Bucks Bonus for Newbies:  Sign Up for Swagbucks if you haven’t already – New members of Swagbucks get the normal 30-Buck Welcome Bonus PLUS AN EXTRA 40 BUCKS this week!
  • Collectible Bucks: You’ll randomly win Special Back-To-School while doing searches.  Collect all *5* of these special bucks by Friday to win an extra 50 Swagbucks!

  • 50 Bucks for your Birthday: My birthday was a couple weeks ago, and sure enough – when I opened my browser I got the fun announcement that I’d received an extra 50 Swagbucks for my Birthday!  It sort of eased the blow of the big *3-0*…
  • Special Offers/Daily Poll: Check out the “Ways To Earn” tab on your Swagbucks Home Page to win an extra buck  & take the Daily Poll to win another.
  • THE POINT: Remember that the point of all this silliness is to earn enough bucks to keep buying Amazon/Target Gift Cards.  A $5 Giftcard costs $450 Swagbucks.  Set yourself a goal of winning, say, 50 Bucks a day.  By the time Christmas arrives, you will have earned several gift cards – which will sure help out!

Are you a Swagbucks pro?  I’m certainly not – and I was wondering if we all might share some tips & tricks we use to score big!  I’ll give you mine right off the bat:  I search fruits.  Then veggies.  Then sometimes nuts.  I totally stole this idea from Robin of PinkCouponCafe, who said she searches “lemons” alot.  I know – it’s weird, and probably not effective at all – but that’s why I’m asking for YOUR tips!


  1. Sharon Menne says

    I have found that if I don’t get swagbucks with my initial search, I go to the last page of the search results. About half the time I get swagbucks when I thought I’d not done so with by search. I guess they are just checking to see if it is a real search.

  2. Brandi Hays says

    Thinking I might as well give your tips a try- I put “fruits” in my search toolbar and sure enough- 11 swagbucks!

    • Jamie says

      Hahaha! I actually meant that I cycle through names of fruits – like apples, cantaloupes, etc… – then veggies – celery, green beans, etc… – but HEY! If it worked for you then I’m so happy!

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