*SUPERHOT* Savings Circle: $50 in FREE Gas for $4.95!

How would you like to get $50 worth of Gas for Only $4.95?  With gas prices quickly on the rise, I am Super-Excited to tell you about this HOT new deal to save on GAS!  It’s through Savings Circle, a club offering members-only deals, discounts, and Cash Back on purchases for the brands you trust.

Sign-up for a 1-Month Trial to Saving Circle for $4.95 (by Tuesday, 4/17), and you’ll have a month to try out their benefits (Membership is regularly $14.95).  During that 30 Days, you can buy $50 of Gas, scan the receipt and send it in for a members-only gas rebate.  They will send you up to $50 of you gas purchase back!!

Here are the directions directly from their site:

To make it even better, they  guarantee you will like Savings Circle AND you can cancel at any time online or by phone. If you cancel within the first 30 days you will get a refund of your first payment. If you do not cancel you will be automatically renewed at $14.95 per month. So make sure to mark your calendar to cancel if you do not want to keep your membership.


Thanks, Super Coupon lady


  1. says

    You have to read the terms of the offer before you sign up. No one reads the fine print and that is the reason why extra money is taken from your account. People see free and they get excited. Also, although they don’t recommend it; I suggest using a pre-paid debit card when signing up for these offers online. Don’t use your bank account debit card. Big mistake.

  2. Janelle says

    all I can say is just beware of what you are signing up for, my husband signed up for a program just like this and I am not sure if it is the same company but they took out the month fee last week from his checking account and then 2 days later took out another months fee for the same company but a different program they have for hotel and travel savings, I ended up canceling his current debit card and having the bank reissue a new card number for him so they can not continue to take out money whenever they feel like it. Like I said I am not sure if it is the same company but the offer was the same including the gas offer so buyers beware, do your research.

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