Super Saver Showdown: Premiers TONIGHT on OWN @9/8c



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Guess what ya’ll?  There’s a new show premiering tonight, Super Saver Showdown on the OWN network at 9/8c. Today, I had the amazing privilege of interviewing the shows host, Kristan Cunningham.  Yes! Y’all this is The Kristan Cunningham from HGTV’s Hit show Design on a Dime and judge for HGTV’s $250,000 Challenge and Bang For Your Buck. 

((insert squeal of excitement))

During our conversation I could hear Kristan’s heart, she truly has a passion to help others live beautifully.  It was inspiring to hear how much the Super Savers and families on the show impacted her.  You’ll have to come back later today,I’ll be posting about our conversation and sharing her take on the show, party planning tips and more.  Since the season premier of Super Saver Show Down is tonight, I wanted to tell you about the show.


Image Credit:  OWN


First, it’s a competition.  Two "Super Savers" compete against each other to plan a party on a $200 budget.  Each is paired with a family and given a party theme to shop for and plan. 


Here’s the skinny:

  • 2 Super Savers are paired with a family to shop and plan a party
  • Round 1 – Each Super Saver gets $100 and 20 minutes to shop with one member of the family
  • The Super Saver who saves the most money wins a weeks worth of groceries for the family.
  • Round 2 – Each Super Saver gets an additional $100 to purchase items needed to plan an amazing party for the family and 48 hours to plan and execute an amazing party
  • The Super Saver creates the best party experience while saving money wins $10,000

I’m super excited about the show and can’t wait tell you all about my conversation with Kristan! Don’t forget to tune in tonight (August 3rd) at 9/8c on OWN.  In the meantime you can check out a 5 minute sneak peek here.


Now, I already know what ya’ll are thinking, in casting for the show Kristan told me that they looked for responsible couponers. Although couponing is a huge component of the show, it’s not the primary focus. Remember, it’s a competition with a goal of creating an amazing party experience for the families while saving money at the same time. Then, the Super Saver who wins gets $10,000.


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