Sunday Inserts 1/8: Red Plum, 2 Smart Source & General Mills!

Many of you have been missing inserts from papers bought in stores lately. You should know that SUBSCRIBERS get the inserts first – and if they run low on inserts – the papers in stores will be the ones to miss out.


Wondering what coupons will be in this Sunday’s newspaper? Stop by each Saturday for a sneak peek! This coming Sunday (1/8/12) we can expect an awesome week for coupons – 4 whopping inserts!

  • Red Plum
  • 2 Smart Source
  • 1 General Mills
  • ** There is also a McDonalds Coupon Insert in select newspapers. 


To see what coupons to expect in your inserts - CLICK HERE


IMPORTANT: The inserts & coupons each region receives, is based on the manufacturer’s preference. You may find that you didn’t get every insert expected – or that you are missing coupons that other regions received. THIS IS NORMAL! The best thing to do is try and buy a paper from the largest city nearby – and you can even Order Coupons Online to supplement your local paper!

Upcoming Coupon Workshops: Step by Step Saving SIMPLIFIED!!  Check out our Coupon Lingo post, if you feel like all your couponing friends speak a different language.


  1. Kelly says

    I received all the inserts, but most of the coupons for the good deals that are on here were not in my coupons. I was greatly disappointed.

  2. Cyndi says

    It’s a no win situation for those of us in rural areas. I subscribed and still didn’t get all ads or inserts. News free press said that metro areas got them first. This is not right. If I pay for it, I should get the same stuff as everyone else. Funny how they have enough to mail out to me when I call and complain on Monday….
    Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

  3. Sharon Austin says

    I live in Dunlap, TN and when I was a subscriber to the Chattanooga. Paper I didn’t receive any coupons or sale papers in mine. When I would call and complain the said it was because of the area I live in that I didn’t get any. So I dropped my subscription and waited a while before starting again. So now I have my paper delivered to a friends house living in Chattanooga and get what the coupons and sale papers. I just couldn’t understand why it mattered with the area you live in. But my mothers is the same way, she doesn’t get coupons in hers or sale ads. And she lives in So. Pittsburgh,TN.

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