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Sunday Coupon Inserts (4/20)

NO Coupons for Easter!  Take a break and enjoy this Wonderful day!

This coming Sunday (4/20) we   are not expecting to have any inserts due to the holiday weekend.

To see what coupons to expect in your inserts - CLICK HERE

IMPORTANT: The inserts & coupons each region receives, is based on the manufacturer’s preference.  You may find that you didn’t get every insert expected – or that you are missing coupons that other regions received.  THIS IS NORMAL!


  1. I get the Cleveland Daily Banner and it only came with the SS. How can I get the coupons that came in the Tullahoma, TN newspaper which had 3 inserts. 1 RP, 1 SS and 1 P&G. I am new to couponing and trying to learn the ropes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Unfortunately, not all papers receive the same amount of coupons. This is decided by the manufacturers themselves – and they choose to spend their coupon advertising budgets in the larger cities. Therefore, the larger the city, the more coupons that will be included. I suggest getting the Chattanooga or Atlanta paper if your live around here to get the most bang for your newspaper buck!

  2. I get the Tullahoma, TN newspaper and I had 3 inserts. 1 RP, 1 SS and 1 P&G

  3. Jennifer Aaron says:

    I get the Chattanooga Times Free Press. I know each region can get different coupons in their inserts. For example, my smartsource insert doesn’t have the $2.00 off Organix coupon. Can you tell me which paper might have that insert? A larger region like the Knoxville News paper perhaps?

  4. amanda tucker says:

    I get several copies of the Chattanooga times each week so I usually have at least a set of 20 or more extra of each coupon that I can clip and mail to someone if they want to pay me for clipping and shipping them.

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