Printable “Buy Price” List


Several of you have asked for a copy of this list – so here it is! These are the prices we consider “good buys” and “stockpile prices”.  When an item hits stockpile price, it’s time to get enough to last you until the next sales cycle!  Buying extra each time the price hits rock bottom will ensure that you never (or almost never) have to pay full price again.  We call this “builind your pantry.”  Once you learn how to shop the Time 2 $ave way by shopping out of what you use, instead of what you need all of these numbers will start to make sense.  If you are confused – click here for a link to our new step by step tutorials to help get you started.

Stockpile Price List- PRINT HERE


  1. Cassy A. says

    Don’t know if anyone else has had this problem but I’ve tried printing this twice and it keeps printing pure black inside of the frame. I’ve tried highlighting it and printing the selection to no avail. Is it just me?


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