Starting Simple: FREE Almay Cosmetics at Walgreens (Week of 3/20)

This week for our “Starting Simple” transaction, I want you to head over to Walgreens and prepare to be happy.  That’s right, go ahead and get a smile planted on your face :)

The focus of this starting simple is showing you how to use a coupon on an item that earns a Register Reward to get a better deal.

Walgreens has a weekly deal in which you will earn a $5 Register Reward when you buy (“wyb”) ANY Almay Cosmetics Item.  You only need to buy (1) of them to get the Register Reward – and there are coupons you can use to reduce your out of pocket cost.  Additionally, Almay items are on sale 30% off , putting them right around the $5 mark – which means that you’re breaking even once you get your $5 Register Reward back.

Step 1) Stop by your cosmetics department and ask if they have the Spring Beauty Booklet.  It looks like this. It containts a $2/1 Almay cosmetics coupon that will work on anything that’s in the cosmetics department.  This is a Walgreens “Store” coupon, so that means you can pair a manufacturer coupon with it, if you have one.

Optional Manufacturer Coupons to use:
- $2/1 Almay item from the 3/6 SS
- $1/1 Almay item from the 2/13 SS

Step 2) Choose an Almay item you need, many are $5.59, some are as low as $4.19 (like makeup wipes).  Using your $2 off coupon from the Walgreens booklet, you will pay around $2 – $3 for your item.

Step 3) Get ready….  you’ll receive a $5 Register Reward after your receipt, good to use on ANYTHING in the store!!  DO NOT use this on more Almay items though, because using an Almay Register Reward on your next Almay purchase, will prevent the next $5 RR from printing.  Use it on something else, like anything in our Walgreens Highlights list.

Here’s what I did – please let me know how you did, and if you have any trouble at all!

  • Transaction #1) Bought Mascara $5.59
    Used $2/1 Walgreens coupon
    Paid $3.59 ~ Get $5 RR  (I pocketed this, did not use it yet)
  • Transaction #2) Bought Eye Makeup Remover Pads $4.19
    Used $2/1 Walgreens coupon
    Paid $2.19 ~ Get $5 RR  (I pocketed this, did not use it yet)
  • Transaction #3) Bought Makeup Remover Wipes $4.19
    Used $2/1 Walgreens coupon
    Paid $2.19 ~ Get $5 RR  (I pocketed this, did not use it yet)

Total Paid in all: $7.97
Total Register Rewards Pocketed: $15 worth
Total Profit: $7.03!!!


  1. stephanie alexander says

    my Walgreens is usually out of most things. today they actually had stuff in stock!! i bought the $2 flossers, that had a $2 register reward with them. when i tried to use them i was hassled, but i put my foot down and finally they accepted them. i think i peed the cashier off because i had 8 transactions!! what does she care? she gets paid by the hr, even if her whole hr was dealing with me!! lol!

  2. Sue Parris says

    Honestly my Walgreens follows me around like they think I am going to steal something when I go in with my notebook. I don’t like Walgreens. They don’t seem to understand that coupons bring them business and they are making money.

  3. Angie says

    the first Walgreens I went to wouldn’t accept the store Almay coupon in the Spring Booklet, they said wipes and remover pads weren’t considered cosmetics! The second one took it with no problems! go figure

  4. Christie says

    I got the makeup remover wipes, an eyeliner, and a mascara (that came with a free eyeliner) for a total of $6.82 with tax and $15 in RR!!! I only had one almay coupon so I used my 2 $2 RR from my method hand soap and plackers flossers instead. And did it in 3 transactions of course!! Thanks for posting the deal!!

  5. Jamie says

    I’m so happy you’re excited Alicia!!! Don’t wait too long….. these items will fly off the shelves!

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