Star Wars Cake with Lightsabers

Star Wars Cake with Lightsabers

Jamie here! I love making birthday cakes – and my kids never run out of crazy ideas for what they want on theirs!  While they’re not always professional-looking, they’re fun and special – and they remember every one!

If you have a little one that reeeeally wants a Star Wars Cake – then may the force be with you at birthday time.  There isn’t much in the world of Star Wars that is easy to bake into a cake – in fact – the light saber cake above looks a whole lot more like light daggers – but hey, it was at least recognizable, which is more than you can say for my attempt at a “Death Star Cake”.

Please take a gander at this sad attempt below:

My second oldest proclaimed that this one looked like “A white sea-urchin with a dent in the side”.  Can I help it if I can’t make grey icing to save my life?  Or make a spherical cake?

This Star Wars Lightsaber Cake was for my son Thatcher’s birthday a few years back – and I thought I’d pull it out of the archives to share!

First: You’ll need a sheet cake for the base covered in frosting. (I covered mine in green, but go with whatever floats your boat)

Second: Gather some various cake, candy, cookie supplies to build your light sabers.  Here’s what I used – at least what I can remember:

  • Twinkies (for the handles)
  • Candy Bar cut in half (for the wider base of the sabers)
  • Pretzel Rods or other long candy/cookie (for the saber length)
  • M&M’s (for the buttons on the sabers)

Third: Piece together your lightsabers on top the frosted sheet cake and cross them at the tips.  Cover them by piping frosting onto them.  (Grey/black for the handles and blue/red for the light)  I had some trouble making grey again, apparently this is a serious flaw of mine.

Last: You’ll need to build out from your candy base to sort of shape the lightsabers – so you may need to pipe a few layers of frosting until it looks just how you want.  In the end – you can either line candles along the edges of the lightsabers or just place a number candle at the crux of the two!

Happy Star Wars Birthday!

And don’t miss Kasey’s awesome tutorial on How To Make a Star Wars Cake - she got super creative with a cookie cake and her son’s new set.  It’s PERFECT for the cute but easy birthday planner!


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