Staples Price Match Policy for Back to School Deals!


I’m so thankful for Staples Price Match Policy as we enter Back to School Deal season!  

During the next several weeks we’ll be seeing tons of Back to School deals at Office Depot and Office Max – and neither one of those are anywhere near me.  But Staples is!   You may not have known that not only will Staples price match policy allows you to price-match a competitor’s ad as well as bring in competitor coupons – like this week’s Office Max coupons for : $1 Sharpie 12 Pk, $1 Expo 4 Pk and $1 Mechanical Pencil Starter Sets!!


I called up to the store near me today to ask some specific questions – here is the current Staples Price Match Policy and Competitor Coupon Matching Policy:

  • Staples WILL match a competitor’s price on an identical item – even up to 14 days after you bought the item.
    . office-max-notebook-price .
  • Staples WILL accept a competitor’s coupon – but has the right to limit quantity
    . office-max-coupon-acceptance
  • Staples WILL NOT accept competitor REBATE coupons – including rewards, etc…
    . office-max-rebates
  • Competitors include: Office Max, Office Depot, Walmart, and other brick-n-mortar stores considered competitive
    (this may vary based on your location and is up to the store)

You can get into more of the nitty-gritty details on Staples Price Match Guarantee Here


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