Staples K-Cups Deal | 33¢ Each + FREE Store Pickup!


Staples K-Cups only 37¢ Shipped!

This week at Staples you can get a nice deal on a variety of 18-Ct Boxes of K-Cups – as low as 33¢ per Kcup with FREE Shipping!

  1. Head over to Staples and choose (1) 18-Ct K-Cups on sale $9.99 – $11.99
  2. Use coupon code 64380 for 20% OFF
  3. Your total will be as low as $8 + get FREE Store Pickup
  4. = 44¢ per K-Cup


You can save even more if you buy LOTS of K-Cups!  Here’s a deal idea to keep you stocked for a good long while ;)

  1. Head over to Staples and add (10) 18-Ct K-Cups to your cart (on sale $9.99 – $11.99)
  2. Use coupon code 64380 for 20% OFF
  3. Use code 56515 for an extra $20 OFF a $75 order
  4. Your total will be as low as $60 + get FREE Shipping to your door
  5. = 33¢ per K-Cup!




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