Staples FREE 3 Pack Gel Pen – Coupon exp 7/16



**HOT**  FREE Pilot Recycled Gel Pens

Print this Staples Coupon for 3 FREE B2P Gel Pens HERE.

B2P (Bottle 2 Pen) is the World’s First recycled pen made from plastic bottles!

Before you run out to snag your free pens,  check out this weeks hot deals at Staples HERE.

Jamie put together The ULTIMATE School Supply Deals HERE.


Ya’ll know if we talk about Time 2 $ave we have to mention Time 2 Give don’t miss

Donate School Supplies to Give Kids a Chance here.



  1. Lori Rowland says

    The first time I went they asked me if I had the coupon (which I did)and it worked just fine. The second time it was actually my husband who went. They said the same thing as above, no code on the coupon.

  2. rrgallo says

    I tried to use this coupon at Staples yesterday and it did not work. The sales person told me it was not valid because it didn’t have a code on it. I still purchased ink pens and pencils for 1 cent.

  3. DHM says

    This copuon did not work for me at Staples today. There is no coupon code printed on there. Bummer. I still got tons of stuff cheap so I can’t complain.

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