Staples Back to School Deals | 8/18 (FREE Bic Pencils, Composition Books $.10!)


This week’s Staples Back to School Deals are here and you can get FREE Bic Mechanical Pencils, composition books for just $.10, Westcott scissors for $.50 and lots more! Thanks to IAmThatLady for providing this years Staples Back to School Deals!


The Best:
The Rest:

New to Staples?

Staples Rewards: These are basically store credit & they’re easy to use, just GO HERE to sign up as a Rewards Member and read the details. Rewards are issued monthly, once a minimum of a $10 reward is reached. Just make sure you don’t use a previous Staples Reward on a new Staples Reward item – or you won’t get your reward.

Staples Easy Rebates: These rebates are easy – you just purchase an Easy Rebate item and then submit your info online HERE. Rebate checks arrive in 4-6 weeks!


  1. says

    Dear Sirs;
    I am a math teacher in Wapato, WA just outside Yakima, WA. My school is on the Yakama Reservation and is 100% free and reduced lunch. My district will not purchase the 100 sheet/200 page composition books for our classrooms. I saw that you have the composition books on sale for $0.10 per book. I am in need to 75 books to finish out my need for all my classes with a student count of 160 students. I also noticed that you have a limit of 3 books per customer. My hope, no my prayer is that you would allow me to purchase the 75 books I need at the price of $0.10 as advertised on this website.

    Please let me know if this is possible. We do not have Staples in the Yakima Valley and when I am able to travel to the west side of the state, Seattle, I do try to go into Staples to purchase needed materials. I am also one who does not shop online normally. I like the face to face interaction with the stores I shop at.

    Again I am requesting that you allow me to purchase 75 Staples composition book, 100 sheets at a price of $0.10 per book. I would forever be grateful and would love to see Staples come into the Yakima Valley.

    Thanks for your time.

    Randy Wheeler
    Math Teacher
    Wapato High School

    • says

      Hi Randy! This is a post about Staples Back to School Deals – however I’m unfortunately in no way connected to the Staples corporation myself. I am working on it though – I’ll let you know if I can get a good contact for you!

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