Staples Ad for (6/3-6/9): Free McAfee Internet Security + Cheap Bottled Water, Flashdrives, and More

This week at Staples you can get some great deals! Here are our favorites:


Best Deals:

McAfee Internet Security 2012  $69.99
- $4.99 instant savings
- $65 mail in rebate
(Makes it: FREE)

$3.99 Ice Mountain or Arrowhead Bottled Water, 20-24 pk
$12.99  Staples Relay Micro Flash Drive, 16 GB
$14.99 PNY Attache Flash Drive, 16 GB
$14.99 Microsoft 3500 Wireless Mobile Mouse
$24.99 Staples DVD+Rs, 50 pk.
BOGO HP Photo and Business Communication Paper


**Do NOT use any previous Staples Rewards to pay for these – because it will prevent you from getting the Rewards Certificate from these. You’ll get your Staples Reward for these next month – which you can then use to by some Free After Rebate Items!

New to Staples?

Staples Rewards: These are basically store credit & they’re easy to use, just GO HERE to sign up as a Rewards Member and read the details. Rewards are issued monthly, once a minimum of a $10 reward is reached. Just make sure you don’t use a previous Staples Reward on a new Staples Reward item – or you won’t get your reward.

Staples Easy Rebates: These rebates are easy – you just purchase an Easy Rebate item and then submit your info online HERE. Rebate checks arrive in 4-6 weeks!


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