Staples: 100 Free Business Cards (Make Time2$ave Cards!)

Time 2 $ave Downloadable Business Card Template
Click the link above to download the Time 2 $ave Business Card

Here’s a great coupon from Staples for 100 FREE Black & White Business Cards!

Not sure what to do with these?  I have a great idea!

Have you ever been stopped in the grocery and asked how you saved so much money, or where you got your coupons?  For that matter, have you ever stopped someone else to tell them how they could save money if they would just learn to coupon?

I used to wish I had some simple cards in my binder to hand people with the name of our website on it – especially the people who look like they REALLY NEED help with their finances.  This Staples deal would be a perfect opportunity to get cards made for free, and pick them up in a couple days to keep in your binder!  Don’t forget the Time 2 $ave business card that you can download and get printed for free.  (The link is below the card at the top of the post)


If you don’t love the Black & White Staples cards, check this out!  Get *100* REALLY CUTE  Mommy Cards for $1.99 from Vistaprint!



  1. Chelsea says

    I cant’ figure it out… Can I design my card online and pick it up at the store or do I HAVE to design the card in-store?

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