Spruced Up Cake Mix: Double Chocolate Cake Recipe


Spruced up cake mix - Double Chocolate Cake on time2saveworkshops.com

Spruced Up Cake Mix: Double Chocolate Cake

Kasey here, recently we hosted a cook out at our house for the Time 2 $ave team and their family’s. It was so great to spend time with everyone, and our kids had a blast playing in the backyard together. I made a chocolate cake for dessert and posted the pic on facebook. Immediately my wall blew up with comments requesting the recipe. Who knew a chocolate cake could garner such a response. It was so simple to make! I followed my blogger friend, Hoosier Homemade’s advice and spruced up an ALDI cake mix.  She always adds four eggs (even if the mix calls for less) and replaces the water with buttermilk. Although I generally prefer homemade cakes I thought I would try her suggestion since I was on such a tight time frame. Oh. My. Word. It was so moist and delicious! I added homemade icing, and garnished with one of the premium milk chocolate bars from ALDI. I think it turned out beautifully.  Amazed at how easy it was to grate the chocolate bar using a cheese grater! I’ve included my recipe below for my spruced up cake mix double chocolate cake recipe!

I made another cake yesterday to take to church however it didn’t turn out nearly as pretty. It’s really important to give the cake time to completely cool before drizzling the icing. Then, make sure to allow the icing to cool before adding the chocolate shavings. I didn’t have time for either Saturday morning and by the time we got to church my cake looked like a hot mess! The chocolate shavings melted everywhere. Oh well,lesson learned!

Double Chocolate Cake Recipe - Spruced Up Cake Mix


  • Chocolate cake mix (any variety that you prefer)
  • 4 eggs
  • buttermilk
  • vegetable oil
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • Icing
  • 1 stick butter
  • 7 tablespoons cocoa
  • 1 box confectioners sugar
  • 1/8- 1/4 cup milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Grease bundt pan.
  3. Follow cake mix directions except replace water with buttermilk, and add 4 eggs instead of the number called for.
  4. Follow baking directions, check approx 5 minutes before timer goes off.
  5. Allow to cool in pan 10 minutes, then cool on wire rack approx 1 hour or until throughly cooled.
  6. Prepare Icing
  7. Melt 1 stick of butter on low/medium heat on stove.
  8. Add cocoa, confectioners sugar and milk stirring until combined.
  9. As confectioners sugar melts whip icing with a whisk to smooth icing.
  10. Bring to a boil, then remove from heat. Add vanilla and stir.
  11. Watch consistency of icing as it cools.
  12. When it starts to thicken up a bit scoop out icing with a 1/2 cup measuring cup and drizzle on top of cake allowing it to drip down the sides and middle.
  13. Allow to completely cool.
  14. Shave chocolate bar with cheese grater, sprinkle generously on top of cake. I used 2/3 of an Aldi's premium milk chocolate giant candy bar.
  15. Serve and enjoy!


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