Spend $10 at Taco Bell ~ Get FREE $10 Giftcard!

Right now, spend $10 at Taco Bell using a card registered with Plink and score a FREE $10 Giftcard to Amazon, Walmart, Kohls, or Starbucks!   (Purchase must be made by 4/7, $10 Gift Card will be issued on 4/11.)

That’s enough to get all the kids an easy dinner while they’re on Spring Break – and then get your $10 back as a giftcard.  In fact – if you take advantage of their “Happier Hour” – you can pick up grillers and drinks for 5 people for $10!


Plink is a FREE program, that rewards you with every time you spend money at a one of their partner-restaurants or visit a Regal Cinemas.  ($50 = $5 Giftcard)

Start earning in 3 easy steps:

  1. Sign up for Plink – it’s free!
  2. Register any debit/credit card and spend at least $10 at Taco Bell to get your FREE $10 Gift Card (Offer for New users only)
  3. Get point rewards when you shop & dine out or even rent a car at your favorite places.

How long does it take to earn a giftcard?  For those of us with larger families – just one visit!  Basically, spend $50 and earn a $5 Giftcard.  You can claim a giftcard once you earn 500 points, which isn’t difficult:

      • Spend $5 = 70 Pts
      • Spend $15 = 150 Pts
      • Spend $20 = 200 Pts
      • Spend $25 = 250 Pts

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