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We might regret this later, but for accountability we have all started exercising. For myself, (Kasey) I have to be honest I have been blogging for about 18 months straight and am completely out of shape. I just finished a bible study, The Frazzled Female, and have been challenged to take better care of myself .   This isn’t about weight, it’s about eating healthier, exercising and getting enough sleep.  I will be the first to admit, I don’t get enough sleep, I don’t like water, I love sweets, and I haven’t been exercising.

So….. stay tuned as we get started on a new journey toward healthy living. Our friend Gina, at Spectrum shared some tips to help get us started during the holiday season.

  1. Make changes gradually. Don’t try everything at once. It may take longer, but the change will be permanent.
  2. Set short term, realistic goals. Look for parking far away, not close to the door. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  3. Make health, not appearance, your priority
  4. Focus on a healthy eating style, not on “dieting.” Dieting is short-term and rarely produces long-term success.
  5. Remember that eating healthy can include all foods in moderation.
  6. Anyone want to join in?   We are going to do this one step at a time and we don’t want to wait until January and it be another New Years Resolution to break. 

    Stay tuned for more……


  1. crishelle says

    I think women especially seem to forget to take care of themselves while they are so busy taking care of everyone and everything else. We need to figure out that being at the top of our own list of priorities is not selfish, it’s necessary. In fact, it will allow us to take BETTER care of all our other responsibilities and make our jobs as mothers, wives, etc. easier to handle! Believe me, I’m preaching to myself here as well….

  2. Carrie says

    I am all in girl!! I have got to start taking better care of myself and getting some this weight off! Here is to my goal of losing weight this year and hopefully becoming pregnant in return!! Let’s do this!!

  3. Allyson Moody says

    I am SO excited that you guys are taking on this challenge!!! Thank you! Thank you! As I am in the fitness industry, I have some basic challenges for you –

    Reduce or start eliminating the following and you will drop weight without doing much else: monosodium glutamate (Wikipedia has good info on the other names this goes by), hydrogenated oils, refined sugars (high fructose corn syrup), sodas of any kind, and any foods that have labels you cannot understand (think Bryers for ice cream, or something similar — what the heck is polysorbate 80 anyway, and do we really want to eat it?!).

    If you care to do the research, there is so much out there! Rats fed msg and high fructose corn syrup get FAT! (Rats do not get fat in nature/left alone.) Hydrogenated oils are bad for your heart (check those peanut butter labels — why would you want more than peanuts in peanut butter?!) according to the American Heart Association (a pretty solid resource).

    I am wishing you more energy and zest than ever before, and hope that once you get through the initial changes and holiday parties, that eating healthily and exercising becomes a part of your life.

    Thank you for setting the example and giving the challenge! I say bravo –

    Oh, and I saved $65 off of a $109 bill at Target this week. I felt like I’d just stuck a landing at the olympics or something! :)



  4. Mandi Cantrell says

    Me and my friend are with you. We actually started all this about a month ago. I started by cutting out cokes after hearing about the increased risk of diabetes and then the link to pancreatic cancer as well. My grandmother passed away from pancreatic cancer. I actually tried a small glass of coke a few days ago and it was disgusting, so I finally have them out of my life. That led to my husband getting in on it too. Now we are a soft drink free household. I feel much better for it too. Next step is to reduce our sugar intake from sweets. I don’t have the time yet to exercise right now because I’m working so much and finishing up my bachelor’s degree, but when I graduate in March I plan on making those small steps to starting an exercise/wellness routine. Here’s to a healthier all of us!

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