Need a Boost for the Holidays? Already Feeling Worn Down?

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With all the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, it’s so easy to find ourselves worn out and depleted of energy. Unfortunately, how we feel physically effects how we are able to enjoy the season. If you haven’t tried Spark Energy Drink yet, now is the perfect time to try! My husband and I started drinking Spark in March when we started our first AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge (he’s down 34lbs). I drink my Spark first thing in the morning and most afternoons and have more energy and feel better than I have in years!

Spark is available in a variety of flavors. Personally, my favorite is Fruit Punch, my hubby’s is Pink Lemonade. I usually add a little ice and use my immersion blender to make it super cold and icy in the morning. Otherwise, I add it to my water bottle.  I still drink coffee occasionally, but Spark has replaced my morning  java as it gives me so much more energy! If you haven’t tried it yet and you feel like you are always dragging Spark just might be the solution you are looking for.  I used to say that if I wasn’t asleep I was sleepy. Thankfully, that’s not the case anymore!

Here is a recent text from a friend of mine -  “Oh my goodness, girl, that Spark is AWESOME!! How do I order morel Like LOTS more. And how fast can I get it?

Here’s how to order:

  • Go here (I am a distributor this is my link)
  • Choose your favorite flavor
  • Choose canister (42 servings) or pouches (14 servings)
  • Place your order – My shipment usually comes in much quicker than the estimated shipping time online. Usually, my order comes in within 2 or 3 days!
  • .

    I’d love to help you get started!  After going through 3 layoffs in the past five years, my husband and I signed up as distributors so that we could get a discount on our products and earn additional income.  You can check out all the amazing products here, I would be love to work with you to put together the right products for your needs.  Feel free to send me an email with any questions to with AdvoCare in the subject line. 


  1. Shannon McLin says

    I am looking into the 24 day challenge..And the spark for my husband . Can you email me some info about it please. thanks Shannon

  2. Theresa Denton says

    I have a question about the Spark drink before I start it. Does it have caffeine ? I am not suppose to have caffeine and also can you give me the price please.

    Theresa Denton

    • says

      Hi Theresa, it does have caffeine in it. The price for the pouches is $22.95 and the price for the canister is $51.95. If Spark doesn’t work for you, let me know I can ask my AdvoCare mentor for another recommendation.


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