“Sock Bun” Shaper Donut for $1.17 Shipped!

Have you ever tried to do the ever-popular “Sock-Bun”?  It’s the really nice, full bun that ballerinas always seem to perfect in that perfect, polished donut shape on the back of their heads.  It would be such a classy way to wear your hair to a holiday event!

Well – if you’ve pinterest-ed, googled or youtubed it at all – you’ll have learned that you can make it by rolling up a cut sock and rolling your ponytail around it.  (See how that worked out for me here!)

But – I just saw this great little device on Amazon for so cheap – get this Bun Donut for only $1.17 + Free Shipping!

Here’s why it’s totally worth $1.17, in my opinion:

  • Your husband won’t wander around looking for the match to his black sock which you secretly decapitated and used – hiding the evidence.
  • This is much lighter than the sock (at least the one I used) which means it will be more comfortable
  • It’s made of some kind of mesh – which means the bobby pins you use to keep it in place can actually anchor to the bun donut (unlike the sock roll)

You’ll want to order this NOW to get it in time – apparently it will take awhile to ship from overseas, and you want it in time for holiday parties.

- Thanks, The Coupon Challenge!

*Amazon prices are subject to change and can go up at any time.


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