Snapfish: FREE 20 Page Classic Photo Book {UPDATE}

Several readers are reporting that this code has been blocked, as it was apparently intended for a certain group of people only.  DRAT!  We will update with any new working codes as we receive them. Meanwhile, simply save the book you’ve made – and it will remain in your cart when you return with a new code!

If you were able to snag the FREE photo book from last week then here’s another one you can snag!! Snapfish is offering ANOTHER Free 8″x11″ 20 Page Classic Photo Book!!!  (A $24.99 value).  Just pay standard shipping cost of $6.99 + applicable tax.  Head on over here to get started and create a 8″x11″ 20 Page Classic Photo Book (with linen cover).  Use coupon code YAYFREEBOOK at checkout for your discount.  You’ll have a while to do this one.  The coupon code expires March 31, 2011 (I confirmed this.).  But remember, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!! :)


  1. Christina says

    I spent hours making a photobook on snapfish, got all the way to checkout, put in the code, my cc info and everything, and I got a message saying that the coupon “YAYFREEBOOK” wasn’t valid for my purchase. I followed all the rules; 20 pages, standard book, linen cover. I went to their help section, went to the Promos & Coupons section, and found the following info:

    Why isn’t YAYFREEBOOK working on my order?

    YAYFREEBOOK is a coupon attached to a specific account type. This exclusive offer was given to Flickr users who have updated their Flickr account to a Flickr Pro account.If you have not done this, your account is NOT eligible for this discount.

    We do apologize if you recieved false information off 3rd party sites and blogs. Please note that valid offers are often posted on the Snapfish site itself or emailed to you directly by Snapfish.”

    So the coupon is a no go…unless you happen to be someone who’s recently upgraded to Flickr Pro. :( Guess I’ll just have to hope another coupon comes along soon…otherwise all that time I spent making the book will be a huge waste.

    • Jamie says

      Christina and Alisa – I’m sorry the code has expired, but don’t despair! Simply save your book (or snapfish will save it) and there will undoubtedly be another code come along very soon (there usually are). When you go back in, you won’t have to remake your book.

      • Jamie says

        Woops – I meant I’m sorry the coupon was unusable – we get so many reader tips, and this one we got from several folks, so it seemed extremely legitimate. I’ll be sure to post a new code ASAP!

  2. Alisa says

    Drats! It’s telling me “The coupon you entered cannot be used with this order. You can enter a different coupon on the pickup or ship page, or continue checking out” even though I ordered the correct item–an 8×11 Classic Photo Book. I wonder if it’s because I ordered a free book with the other promotion just a few days ago? Maybe I will wait a week and try again. Anyone else having trouble with this?

  3. Sara Kolbie says

    Just to let you know….Just got through chatting with a Snapfish rep. and they say this code is account specific and only valid for those account holders who received this code by special e-mail. Don’t waste your time creating a photo book you can’t use the free code for.

  4. Sara Kolbie says

    Any help with this one…Just created my classic photo book, but says I can’t use this coupon. Is this because I added additional pages??? I just would like to pay the difference!!!

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