Small Spaces: Planning a Small Vegetable Garden

planning a small vegetable garden

Have you ever wanted your very own small vegetable garden? Perhaps you don’t have a green thumb just yet, or maybe you just don’t have the room or time for anything on a large scale.  Plant a small vegetable garden.  It does not take a green thumb or special amount of skill!

If a small vegetable garden is in your plans, these small vegetable gardening tricks will help begin. Stay focused, and plan well. If you do this, you can’t go wrong. Here is how to get started!

Choose a great spot:

  • Choose a spot with a lot of sun.
  • Your location should be near a source of water for your garden.

Think about containers:

  • They can be grown on a small space such as a patio.
  • Fill your containers with potting soil, plant vegetable seeds or small plants.
  • Follow up with plenty of water and sun.

Get the family in on the action:

  • Let young kids help you by growing vegetables in the larger plot.
  • You can also let them choose a small vegetable garden plan of their own.
  • Allow them to water and weed as needed.
  • Research plants and plant care together.
Who knew a small vegetable garden could be so much fun? You won’t need to run to the market, you can instead just run to your backyard or porch! How convenient and budget savvy is that?Small vegetable gardens make it easy to get the garden of your dreams, or at least get you started in the wonderful world of gardening! This summer, give one a try yourself and reap all of the huge benefits of this small space.

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