Sitting on a Goldmine of Peanut Butter!

My 3 & 5 – Year olds made peanut butter “thrones” with our Peter Pan stockpile!  Here they are ready to watch a movie – aren’t they ridiculous?

At 15 cents a jar, I bought about 16 of these (hitting a couple differen’t Bi-Lo’s in town) – and I even have a raincheck from one Bi-Lo to get more!  Have you stockpiled on anything good lately?  Tell us about it!

Also, don’t forget to enter the contest HERE to win a $25 Kroger Gift card!   Just leave a comment on that post sharing your shopping trip totals – and get bonus entries by posting a picture!  Go HERE to enter (noone’s entered yet, you could be the winner!)


  1. lela clingan says

    oh and to add to my waffles, i didnt know it but kellogs was having a special get a $10 off next purchase from the catalina machine so i wound up getting $10 back on the waffles so basically got them for free, whoo hoo was thrilled to death going tomorrow to use the $10 to get more powerades 3/1.09w/coupons i love bargains

  2. lela clingan says

    I just stock piled on powerades and eggo waffles the past week getting about 30 bottles of powerade with walgreens $1.00 off 3 ofthem and Bi-lo having them for .69 i have been grabbing them and the extra coupons wihich do not expire til mid Sept and on the waffles purchased a bunch of coupons off ebay and Bi-lo had them b1g1 at $2.54 last week i got 12 boxes at $1.54 for 2 boxes, hubby says well if we get to starving and nothing in the house we will at least have waffles and powerades to eat and drink, i told him t back off my waffles .lol

  3. Victoria Underwood says

    My sister + I got 40 boxes of Capri Sun when they were .07 each and with 4 kids between us they haven’t lasted long

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