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Debby McCuiston, the “Queen of Clutter-Free”, does a segment for us each Sunday on simplifying our lives, getting rid of “clutter”, and focusing on what’s important. We look forward to her words of wisdom each week & hope you enjoy it too! Take it away Debby….


Well I can finally say I have recovered from my first 5K. Since I walked the 3.1 miles my body was able to recover within the week but it took a little longer for my brain to catch up. I gave myself the week off after the walk, not a good idea. It wasn’t that my body didn’t bounce back after the break; it was getting my brain back in the game that has been the hardest.

The first sign that it’s a brain problem is the number of excuses I can think up at 6am for not exercising. It’s not that I have stopped exercising; it’s the intensity that seems to be lacking. I thought I would never settle for the easy way, but I have. I will confess I haven’t ridden my bike for 2 weeks! I know once I get started back I will be hooked again; it’s just getting back into the habit.

During the day I squeeze in lifting weights and using gravity straps. All this is great for the purpose of toning and tightening my upper body. I do this several times during the day and will push myself but it still doesn’t feel like I am working at my best level. I am not sure if I am really doing this to help (yes, I want pretty arms for those sleeveless cute summer shirts) or because it’s the easiest exercise I can do and still feel like I am in the game.

I am trying to regain my footing and figure out what made it work so well at first. I have traveled this road before and refuse to go back to thinking that something is better than nothing. I want to expect the best out of myself and to understand what it takes to achieve the results I desperately want.

I have taken some time to reevaluate what I was doing different a few weeks ago. Believe it or not it’s the simple things, like when I eat breakfast. Before, I was eating after I finished my morning routine. Now, for some reason, I have started eating in the middle of my routine. This doesn’t leave enough time to finish before I start my work day. Not sure how or why this happened but it did, so I will change this one simple thing and expect better results. Hey, when you are looking for an excuse anything will do.

One of the other things I was doing for motivation is looking at fitness related pins on Pinterest. If you haven’t found your way to Pinterest may I personally say it is additive and lots and lots of fun. The fitness part can be a bit intimidating with all of the pictures of very fit people. However, the quotes remind me why I started this journey and what winning will look like for me (I know it will not be the body of a 20 year old). For example, there are several pictures of amazing people that don’t let their handicap stop them. My favorite is the picture of a young boy with a set of metal running prosthesis to replace his missing legs. Seeing a picture of him running, with the caption “what’s your excuse”? Needless to say motives me!

The other activity that makes me realize that I am making progress no matter how slow, is shopping. One of the rules I have about this weight loss journey is that when clothes get too big (finally) I get rid of them right away. So as I get rid of clothes that are too big, I get to replace them. I don’t buy a lot because my size is ever changing. One day soon I will have a whole new wardrobe, however for now I just add what I need that will last.

If I keep the bigger clothes I can’t see the progress I am making. I have gotten rid of size 2X and now buy XL! It’s not where I want to be, but I am on my way. A few years ago I purchased a few items, that I had hoped to wear soon. However, that soon didn’t come until yesterday. Bravely I decided to try them on and Praise the Lord they fit. I almost cried that was the moment I realized I will win. I remember how they fit the day I brought them home. To see how they fit now is like watching a dream come true.

Shopping discount stores, goodwill has been a great resource for me, on my journey to a healthier size. I will say that this is the biggest motivating activity for me. Find what works for you and make it an activity you do for yourself at least once a month if not more often.

I will tell you I have good days and bad days on this journey. I have people in my life that encourage me on a daily basis. I have people in my life that have never said a thing since I started this journey; surprisingly they had plenty of little comments before this journey. I am working on being proud of myself for the progress I am ever so slowly making because when it is all said and done I will be the one to keep making the right choices for the rest of my life when the compliments stop and I settle into my new and improved body. I want to be able to look back and remember how far I have come. Then I will be able to be the one that gives encouragement to others and inspire them to start the journey of a life time.

Weight may not be the battle you are fighting, but we all have some type of battle, if not now hang on its coming. Struggles are in our lives to make us stronger and to teach us compassion for others. I look at people different now, because I know everyone has a battle to fight and that it effects how we travel our road of life.

I truly believe that God allows situations to come into our lives so that he can reach us when nothing else can. I know I am more willing to listen to His soft voice in the middle of the loudest battle. Sometimes I wish my fairy godmother would wave her magic wand and make me a healthy weight (and 5 ft. 6 while we are wishing) but I know that’s not how my sweet Jesus works. I need to learn these lessons about perseverance, setting goals that have lasting results, finding ways to encourage others, watching for opportunities to share the load in another’s journey. Battles fought for the sake of winning won’t last, but battles that have eternal value are worth every step. Battles that make a difference in this world make a difference one life at a time over the long haul. You don’t have to ever fight a battle alone. God is there in the midst of the battle carrying us through, teaching, encouraging and providing the tools we need when we need them. Our job is to take that step of faith and move forward without fear. The battle has been fought and WE WIN!!!

Take time this week to enjoy the little things that make you realize how far you have come. Focus on the progress and celebrate each step forward that you take. Then look around and see who might need you to take them by the hand and pass on some encouragement.

Keep your eyes on the prize and keep moving!
Love you to Jesus!


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