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Debbie McCuiston, self-proclaimed “Queen of Clutter-Free”, does a segment for us each Sunday on simplifying our lives, getting rid of “clutter”, and focusing on what’s important.  Take it away Debbie….

This is an oldie, but goody Simplify Sunday from our archives.

OK, I have been shopping several times this week and have encountered the infamous “lady with the big purse.” Needless to say this is a pet peeve of mine. It’s not the size of the purse that drives me up the wall. It’s the fact that women that carry these feel that they must carry everything for their entire family in that purse. How many times have you been in line behind this women waiting for her to find that .25 cent coupons on dog food. As she is digging in the abyss she is totally unaware that your ice cream is starting to melt. What makes it worst is that she is sporting a 5 carat ring on each hand. Don’t you want to give her the stinking 25 cents she “needs” to save?

If you are one of these women–why? Why do you feel you need to carry everything for everyone is that purse? That’s what diaper bags are for. Or maybe you aren’t the one choosing to be the pack mule for the family, but as you leave the house your darling husband drops his wallet in your purse because if he carries it in his pocket his butt may look big in those jeans. Or the kids add their loot to your purse “just in case”. Then the baby needs a few extra diapers and bottle and maybe a change of clothes. Now take into consideration the meds we must carry “just in case” your family comes down with malaria or the latest illness while grocery shopping. Now that it’s loaded for the trip, what about all the other stuff–notes, old nasty tissues, snacks from the last diet, phones, ipods(in case we get a wild hair to jog while we are out), extra extension cords and a millon other things. A little crazy, yes but no real problem until you decide to unload it on the store counter to look for a coupon (you are sure you have) or the phone that keeps ringing, or the car keys or maybe possibly even your your youngest child– yep, there she is hanging on the car keys in the zipper pocket on the inside.

Maybe I should start a new campaign–Clean out your purse and save the world!!!

I really don’t think it will catch on but maybe we could have some type of device at the door that will go off if your purse is overloaded. We all have seen these ladies dragging their  purse behind them leaving a trail of who knows what in it’s wake. Ladies there are MANY  different ways to organize your purse – also known as your “second home”. First thing to do is clean the thing out:.

  • Get rid of anything that is dirty, nasty, or unuseable.
  • Take all clothes out that your children have outgrown.
  • Do not continue to carry food that you no longer reconize.

.Tell your family they are on their own- you are no longer the family pack mule. Stop the insanity!!! Put matching stuff in ziplock bags if you can’t find any other way to start. All 500 pens go in the same bag (get rid of the ones that no longer work). Put all the lipsticks together.

Put your checks in the checkbook holder. Don’t carry loose checks in your purse–unless you are hoping someone steals it and writes checks on your account. Just because you can’t find your check book when you need it does not mean a thief can’t in 30 seconds or less!

There are several items that you can buy that fit down in your purse that is full of pockets– a place for everything and everything in it’s  place. I have seen purses that the whole inside is divided into small sections – no empty space for things to get lost in. (Yes, I made sure my sweet hubby saw this and knows without a doubt it is on my must have list). Life is much simplier when your purse is organized and clean.

If you are one of those ladies that does not carry a purse and stuffs everything in a plastic shopping bag or in her coat pocket –don’t get me started!!!! Please be kind to yourself and take a few minutes and clean that thing out. You do not want to be the one that we are talking about at our next “fellowship” or asking for special prayer for you and your purse. Be kind to those around you and take the plunge–spend an evening and clean and organize your purse. Boy!! I feel better– venting– is so cleansing. Now don’t make me stand behind you in the grocery store while you dive in and search for that special coupon–just ask if I have one you can have, I promise to find one for you in my very organized coupon notebook.

Hope you have a blessed week–and be a blessing to someone each day!!!

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