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Debby McCuiston, the “Queen of Clutter-Free”, does a segment for us each Sunday on simplifying our lives, getting rid of “clutter”, and focusing on what’s important. We look forward to her words of wisdom each week & hope you enjoy it too! Take it away Debby….


Do you ever have a day or week that you just have the blahs? Nothing is really wrong, or at least you can’t put your finger on the cause of this feeling. I have had one of those weeks! Nothing was really wrong; I just was in a blah mood for about 3 days. It started on Saturday, and hung on until Monday. I even felt sorry for those around me, I just couldn’t perk up.

It wasn’t until this “mood” passed late on Monday, that I realized what was happening. During the blahs I felt so unfocused and overwhelmed. I am usually a list maker; I make plans with my list of must dos, should dos, and would love to do. I can get very detailed in my list making, to the point it looks like a plan for a military take over. I realized I didn’t have a list, no desire to make a list, and definitely no plans to make a list. I had lost focus, directions, and my motivation.

I was determined that when I went to bed on Sunday evening that I would get back to riding my recumbent bike on Monday morning, bright and early. I must confess at 6am it can be very easy to find at least 100 reasons not to get out of bed, and drag my tired body upstairs to ride my little bike. Despite the overwhelming urge to crawl back in bed I made it up stairs and to my surprise I made it 2 ½ miles. This was the start to a much better day, a more normal day.

On Monday evening I realized the blahs were slowing, but surely leaving because I felt like I had a little more energy. I wanted to get out my homemade hula-hoop and give it a few whirls. After that, I got out my free weights and proceed to do 3 reps and then really extended my good mood by doing crunches on the exercise ball. WOW! I felt so much better, until it was time to get out of bed the next morning. Stink fire! It hurt, and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out if I was getting a stomach bug or if something else was going on.

It wasn’t until I was up on the bike Tuesday morning that I realized that I wasn’t sick, I was sore from exercising. It had been so long since I had taken the time to intently exercise that I forgot what “sore” felt like. Then it dawned

on me that was the source of my blah mood-lack of exercise. It wasn’t just the exercise itself. It was the lack of focus on my weight loss goal and all that goes into that on a day-to-day basis.

I need to see results to keep me focused on the task at hand. I have to have a plan to get up and move daily. If I don’t, anything and everything seems to wiggle its way to the top of the list. I wish it were easier to just eat the right things and the weight would fall right off. The hard thing for me is that my best friend is one of those lucky people. She finally got her head in the game and in a matter of a little over a year lost over one hundred pounds. Yes, at times I want to just pinch her skinny little head!! (I promise I don’t but on those rough days, I think long and hard about it.)

I will be honest; I work hard at this weight loss battle to the point that I will get frustrated at myself if I don’t see the loss on the scale. I know all the hard work is changing my body shape, I can tell I feel smaller in my space. But when I weigh in and the scale only moves two-tenths of a pound, boy oh boy, does my body image plummet!

I know I am never going to be the type of person that will drop the weight without a fight. I have to realize that anything would having is worth the fight. I am worth the fight!!!

I have to make a plan and stick to it every day for as long as I am breathing. This is not a short term plan; it has to be a lifestyle, long term for a life time.

It is so easy to let other things become a priority in our life, and sometimes they may need to for a season. It’s when we chose not to realign our lives when we can get back to our original plan. We just keep moving without stopping, reevaluating and making the needed adjustments.

Isn’t this is how we are with our walk with the Lord. We are going along great, and all of the sudden we realize we have veered off the road going in a direction we have no idea to where or why. It seems that as soon as I allow my focus to change direction off of my goal to be more like Jesus, even the slightest, I start to feel empty. If I am not willing to look up and see the problem and allow the Lord to steer me back, I can really lose my way. Then

that’s when Satan can start to creep in that little crack. He targets my weaknesses, and knows that self-worth what keeps me in bondage. I know that the desires of my heart are grounded in the fact that I want to be more like Jesus. So just like any journey in this life I work toward the high calling, but there will be days I will stumble and may even fall flat on my face. It’s the desire to change that makes me get to my knees. My desire to be used makes me stand, and my desire to show others Jesus makes me take a step on this journey again, moving forward stronger this time. Each time I fall, I don’t fail. I learn how to get up faster, stronger, and with more desire than before. I fail only when I choose not to get up!

This life is a journey, not a race. It doesn’t matter the battle we are fighting, or how long it takes us to win, but being confident in the fact that we are called to fight the good fight; to get up when we fall, to put one foot in front of the other, to learn to be more like Jesus in all we do. That is why we know beyond a shadow of a doubt “WE WIN”!

This week this is the cheer I will be saying over and over: GO! Get up FIGHT! Get up again WIN! —Go! Get up Fight! get up again Win!!!

Love you to Jesus!


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