Simplify Sunday: 4-9

Debby McCuiston, the “Queen of Clutter-Free”, does a segment for us each Sunday on simplifying our lives, getting rid of “clutter”, and focusing on what’s important. We look forward to her words of wisdom each week & hope you enjoy it too! Take it away Debby….

Since this has been Easter week I have had some many sweet memories running through my head, memories of growing up and how we celebrated this very special day.

Of course with four little girls in our house we had to have matching dresses and most years mom made those for us. Needless to say we were so cute, with our little purses, white shiny shoes, hats and the perfect dress. I never realized how much trouble my mom went to just to get that all together, hair curled, bows in place and to church on time. I am sure the hardest part was to keep us out of the candy, nothing is worse than to discover chocolate drool on that new dress you spent hours making.

My mom even made our Easter baskets out of Clorox bottles and tulle, spending hours creating a duck or bunny for each of us. The middle was cut out to hold all the goodies and then became a cute bucket for curlers or a special treasure that needed a home. I did do this for my kids when they were little enough to think it was cool. It was fun to know that I had carried on a part of my childhood and I am sure I will do the same when God blesses our family with grandkids.

After we outgrew the baskets mom started giving gifts in place of the baskets but made sure it was something that could still hold our favorite candy. One year that we all still laugh about was the year she gave us all cute new bras. Odd table decoration but all the same a great idea for four growing girls, until we realized that the sister that was blessed more than all the others put together had a ton more candy than the rest of us. That was so not fair on a lot of levels, but that sister was never prouder! I did promise my daughters to never copy that idea, and so far have stuck to it, but you know as I get older I could forget the promises I made in my younger days, so watch out Brittany and Mandy.

Since we are in the season of our lives that no longer require cute dresses or little shirts and ties, no egg hunts in the yard or table decorations of candy filled Easter baskets (and yes I miss those days so much) Easter has taken on a whole new meaning. It has become more about savoring the day with family and realizing the true meaning of the entire celebration.

During this week I always seem to be drawn to the feelings of Mary the mother of Jesus. She knew this day would come from the first moment she held her sweet baby.

The years of watching as her precious son play in the yard, working alongside of Joseph in his carpentry shop, seeing him develop into a man of honor and integrity, must have made her understand His mission a little more each day. Seeing others’ lives changed as they came to know her little boy that was sent to save a world that in no way deserved it must have torn at her heart, knowing what was to come.

How her heart must have swelled with pride to know that He was changing the lives of everyone He met, but then weeping at the same time knowing that the cost for that was His life. To see the future in His eyes, longing to protect Him and knowing that she must someday let Him go to walk that road to the cross.

As a mom, I know the pride that comes as you see your child bend down to help someone in need or to stand up for something that needs to be changed to make this a better world. The weeping in our heart as we watch them go into harm’s way day after day to do the thing that God has called them to do and knowing you can’t stop the outcome, good or bad. Oh, how she must have spent night after night crying out to God on behalf of her son but also knowing she had to let go.

How her heart must have almost stopped the moment they hammered that first nail in the hand that she once held on the way to the market. How deep was the groaning of a mother’s cry as they placed that crown of thorns on the head she had kissed goodnight. To remember the years she loved that little boy, then to watch the world treat Him like a common thief must have ripped at her heart like nothing else could.

Did she remember every moment of His life as she saw Him hanging on that cross? Did she remember how sweet He smelled after His bath and how cute He was as he played in the mud with His brothers? What sweet memories did she hide in her heart to get her through that day? What promise did she hold onto as they laid him in that tomb?

Did she count the hours or minutes knowing that in three days all the promises would be fulfilled? The joy in her heart as she heard the words “He is raised” must have been more than she could imagine.

My mom’s heart can’t even imagine the sorrow that came from the depths of her heart or the pain she must have felt. However she had no choice……it was the only way to save this fallen world.

I cannot express how I will be forever grateful that the God of the universe had me, in all my sin, on His mind as He sent His only son to this world to hang on a cross to pay the ultimate price for my sins. How can I not serve this risen savior or tell others that He came to save them? Knowing this is what real Joy is; knowing that God loved me more than I will ever know keeps my head held high because I am a child of the King. I can come to Him as His child because the price was paid on that cross and I no longer have to work for God’s approval or strive to be good enough because I am covered by the blood of His son’s sacrifice on the cross.

I hope as you gather with family and friends to hunt eggs and eat until you can’t move that you also celebrate our risen savior. I pray you know the joy of accepting Jesus Christ as your personal savior. Please don’t let this day pass thinking it’s all about the candy and furry bunnies but knowing that the son of God came to give His life for you so you could become a child of God and be welcomed into heaven someday.

May this resurrection Sunday be the beginning of a new life in Christ!!

Love you to Jesus!


  1. Eve Simpson says

    Oh this is so good. I don’t know why, but I have never thought about how Mary must have felt watching Jesus grow up knowing what his fate would be someday. This really touched my heart. thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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