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Debby McCuiston, the “Queen of Clutter-Free”, does a segment for us each Sunday on simplifying our lives, getting rid of “clutter”, and focusing on what’s important. We look forward to her words of wisdom each week & hope you enjoy it too! Take it away Debby….


Do you ever sit around and dream about things you want to accomplish in your life time? It’s one of my husband’s and my favorite things to do on Saturday mornings. We sleep until we are ready to get up (or our bones start to ache) then we move to the living room for a cup of coffee. If we don’t have anything that has to be done or anywhere to go, we can talk for hours. We talk about our dreams about projects for our house, we plan new exercise programs, and things we want to do- budget wise. We even talk about how to solve the world’s problems, and what we will do when we retire.

It’s my favorite way to waste a day!

We’ve dreamed about some of the same things for years. We have planned projects, some we have completed, some we have reworked and some are still in the dreaming stage. But to be honest some dreams are always going to be dreams. There will always be things that stand in our way; money and time seem to be the biggest road blocks. Realistically, our biggest challenge is failing to plan the project from start to finish. As a result we have unfinished projects; some are waiting for the time and/or money to magically appear.

Dreaming is my favorite part of any project, we dream big! There is no cost involved and can be finished before days end. However, nothing ever gets finished when all we do is dream, talk and drink coffee.



Dreams must have a plan to become a reality. Otherwise, we will wander around Lowe’s or Home Depot for hours without purchasing one thing we needed. Instead, we’ll walk out with tons of stuff that we don’t know what to do with. I can’t tell you how many times we go in looking to start a project, willing to part with some cash but have no idea where to start or what we need. So we come home with wall board compound, nails and a new tape measure. Note there is nothing to use these on or with, but in case it shows up we are ready.

If you haven’t figured out by now, I am a list maker! I love to make an ordered list of each step in a project. I can spend hours making the plan. I research the cost of every nail or screw, pick out the paint and then organize everything in a notebook- I am ready to go. That is all wonderful, but if I never start the project, all I have is a great plan and pretty colors sleeping in a notebook.

How many of us have decided that we are going to clean out the closet-FINALLY? We buy the perfect hangers in matching colors; choose the right shelving to keep our shoes in order and find the perfect baskets for our belts, scarves and miscellaneous stuff in. We are ready, willing and able to get this project done. But another weekend comes and goes -more coffee, more dreaming, more planning but no progress. Maybe next week?

Most often the fun part is the dreaming and shopping – not the doing. If we would follow thru and get it done, the reward from having a dream become a reality is beyond words. Every time we open that closet and see the fruits of our labor, it’s like a breath of fresh air. Finishing a project is energizing, it gives us a sense of pride from our accomplishment. Then, we can’t wait to move on to the next project.

Maybe you have simpler dreams, or dreams to eat right or dreams of a happier life. What is standing in your way? What can you do today to be one step closer to your dream? Are you are waiting for prince charming or to win the million dollar lottery? If you are waiting for others to make your dreams come true you will be waiting for a very long time.

The Lord says “I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you…..” He wants the best of the best for us. The King of Kings has a plan for each of us, a plan that is within our reach. We have to take the first step of faith to trust Him. It may not be a rich comfortable life; it may be to help to homeless, the sick or lonely. The difference, unlike our plans His plans have eternal rewards. The things we think are important to give us a better life will fade away but the dreams He has for us will never go away or change.

The first step in making lasting life changing plans is to get to know the author of the dreams we dream. The God that created us and this world wants us to be our best. He wants us to experience contentment and to bubble over with the assurance that we are doing what he created us to do. The passion that bubbles from the core of who we are is where our plans begin. His plans cannot be derailed.

Dig you heals in and start to dream again.

Want your world to feel calm like you are moving forward? Take a step each day to make it a reality. If you want your closet clean, then every day take one piece of clothing that doesn’t fit or make you feel pretty and get rid of it. Keep a box by the door when it’s full take it to the Goodwill. Take one step each day to make that dream come true!

You will never get things finished if you don’t take the first step. GET UP and do something!!!

Love you to Jesus!


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