Simplify Sunday 11-6


Debby McCuiston, the “Queen of Clutter-Free”, does a segment for us each Sunday on simplifying our lives, getting rid of “clutter”, and focusing on what’s important. We look forward to her words of wisdom each week & hope you enjoy it too! Take it away Debby….

The older I get the more I look forward to the extra hour of sleep that comes with the sweet daylight saving time change.  The problem is that I wake up at least 3 times during the night to make sure my cell phone resets itself. Yes, every phone I have owned resets with the time change, every year. But for some unforeseen reason unknown to me I must make sure it happens.  So at least the extra hour made up for the time I spent checking the clock.  Rest assured all is well, time did not stand still and all systems are go for sunny mornings and evenings that now start at 5:30. For some strange reason when the sun sets earlier I tend to make it to bed earlier than normal so here’s to winter evenings by the fire (or heaters on high) and early bedtimes.

This week I did get my craft table set up and all organized.  It was such a great feeling to make progress early in the gift giving season. As I was moving my furniture around I discovered the dreaded dust that has spent the summer months growing on the wall.  It is fine as long as it served as Halloween decorations but since that has past now I have to deal with it.

Yes, it’s that time of year to dust your walls. If you are not in the habit of doing this please understand I only started doing it a few years ago. This is not a long standing family activity or anything that I grew up doing.

If you enjoy having your windows open during these cool breezy days and have people in and out of your home you would be surprised how much dust gathers on your walls.  If you or someone in your home is a smoker you will be amazed how much of that smoke discolors the walls in your home.

If you are able to get up on a step ladder or have a teenager available to you that would like to make some pocket change washing the walls by hand is the best way to go.  Mix a little white vinegar with a bucket of warm water should take care of most of the everyday grime that hangs out on your walls. You will be surprised how fresh and brightened up the room will feel as you finish up this task.

If you will be doing this project alone I would recommend using a swifter with the dry cloths. Don’t use the wet cloths as they may leave a waxy film on your walls. Don’t be afraid to use both sides of the cloth as it will need to be changed often.

Of course, this is one of those “if you give a mouse a cookie” projects. If you are taking the time to clean the walls, you will definitely notice that the ceiling will need to be cleaned. So drag out the vacuum or broom and dust away.  I must warn you the next thing you will notice will be any ceiling fans or lights that are in each and every room.  These will also need to be dusted and cleaned with warm water. Since we have ceiling fans we take the bulbs out and dust them then run the globes through the dish washer, they come out sparkling clean. The blades need to be dusted each month but for a deep clean they will need a good cleaning with the vinegar water solution. If you need to clean the lights, make sure you take them apart and if possible run them through the dishwasher or at the least a nice bath in warm soapy water.

Next you will notice that all the dust from the ceiling and walls had to land somewhere so check your baseboards. It’s times like this that I miss my teenage kids (not the only time of course!). The baseboards will need to be dusted with the vacuum first then if you have the energy a good scrubbing with a toothbrush and vinegar water will almost finish up your latest project.

The very last thing that will need to be done will be to vacuum and or mop your floors. I know it sounds like a lot of work for something you think no one will ever know about or appreciate how hard you worked. Rest assured in will freshen up your home and get you in the mood to do your Christmas decorating.

Do not overdo and try to do every room in your home in one day. It is way too much to tackle in one weekend and you will probably be saying ugly words about me before you are half way finished. Plan on doing one room a day, even if you have to do one piece of each room each evening a little each day will be progress. The end result will be the same and you won’t be tired beyond belief. Also be careful about thinking about all that needs to be done and getting so overwhelmed that you fail to get started and then get frustrated and don’t enjoy the holidays. Take it all in baby steps, do what you can as you can.

Isn’t our walk with the Lord like that-baby steps? If we think about how far we are from where you want to be with the Lord most of us would be tempted to just sit down and not move again.

As the Lord leads us to grow in our relationship with Him, He knows it’s a long and sometimes rough road. There are many many things we need to learn before we can move on to the next step. Things we need to sort through, experiences we must deal with and lessons to be learned. But like anything worth becoming it’s worth the effort it will take to get there. This life is not a sprint, even if at times it seems life is moving so quickly, it is a journey. It is a journey about growing with each experience, not a journey taken on the easy road, but riddled with ups and downs, good times and rough times. But a place where lessons like no other are learned then placed on our heart to change us to be more like Jesus.

Don’t try to hurry this process or skip the steps, each and every one is part of the plan to build a life that is refined and usable to serve others and bring glory to His name.

Enjoy the journey!!! The rewards are out of this world.

Love you, Debby

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