Simplify Sunday 11-20

Debby McCuiston, the “Queen of Clutter-Free”, does a segment for us each Sunday on simplifying our lives, getting rid of “clutter”, and focusing on what’s important. We look forward to her words of wisdom each week & hope you enjoy it too! Take it away Debby….

How did it get to be Thanksgiving already, I’m not really finished with summer?  I still have so many things to get done before the holidays arrive. In August I invited lots of family and friends to come for Thanksgiving, the problem is that it is now November and I am still not ready.  Oh well, it family and friends that won’t really care or even notice so I am ready to have a good time and relax.

In reality the word relax should not even be used in the same sentence as Thanksgiving, but I am going to plan on it. I will pencil in relaxing after I get everything else on the list finished. Why do I feel the need to clean every closet and drawer before company arrives, will they really be impressed with the way I roll socks and neatly organize our underwear drawer?

Have you ever noticed that everything is fine until you invite people into your home?  The bathroom towels are still usable but you realize you can see through them when you get them out for company or you find you don’t have enough dishes to serve each guest (would it be rude to eat in shifts so we can share plates-just kidding) I guess it means it is time to restock.

My advice for organizing this week- forget it- enjoy your family and friends!

As we begin this week with our nerves on edge, our grocery list a mile long and wondering if we have enough medication as the in-laws arrive, let me remind you that this is the week to be thankful. I am trying to notice the big and small things that we are blessed with each and every day.

This week as I read through different comments about things that friends were thankful for on face book, I realized not one person was thankful for the fancy car in the driveway most were just thankful for a car that runs.

No one complained about the pile of dirty dishes in the sink, they realized that dirty dishes meant they had enough food to feed their children. No one moaned as they put the 5th load of laundry in before they started lunch because that pile of laundry meant that their children had enough clothes to keep warm in the winter.  And that pile in front of the washer and dryer meant they had electricity, running water and indoor plumbing, do you see how blessed we are.

As you unload your car full of groceries this week, will you be able to see each blessing that went in to making that a possibility, from the gas in the car, to the boy that bags your grocery, the coupons in your hand to save you a lot of money, a car that runs to a store not far from your house, cabinets in your home to house all of these blessings and family and friends that will appreciate all that has been done for them.

I think we get so caught up in the fact that we don’t have the best car on the road, more clothes, bigger diamonds, smarter children, a bigger home, servants and so begins the rat race of wanting more and not being grateful for what you have and not being able to see the blessing in it all.

This week I will try to focus on the blessings more than the mess. Life is sort of that way; we get so caught up in the mess and drama of our problems that we fail to see the blessings that come out of being taken out of our “comfort zone”.

This week my wonderful husband and I will celebrate 32 years of marriage! That alone is a blessing but to remember the times we thought we won’t make it and it would have been easier to walk away, I realized how truly blessed I am. I had no idea that marriage was so much work, and that I would come to understand that I am not perfect but was shown unconditional love anyway. It is a privilege to watch a man that longs to be more like Jesus every day, love his children (and wife) so much that they understand how much more their heavenly father loves them. I am blessed beyond measure, much more than I deserve, Thank you Jesus!!

This week start praying for each person that will set at your table, ask God to bless them in a special way and open their heart to receive the blessing. As you set the table, pray that the food they eat will make them stronger for His service.  Thank the Lord for those dirty dishes, because there are people in our neighborhood that have no one to eat with, maybe we could even step out of our “comfort zone” and  ask the Lord to bring you these names so you can invite them to share a meal.

It really isn’t about the pretty dishes or the fancy decorations that you spent an entire week getting just right, it is about family and friends (new and old) getting together to take time to reflect on how very, very blessed we are.  Yes it has been a rough year, tornadoes, sickness, even losing loved ones, but through it all God has blessed, maybe not the way we planned but just the way He planned from the beginning of time. Each blessing is to draw us closer to Him, to help us to see how much He loves and cares for us. It may even take some time to see and understand the blessing but they are there, just like Jesus waiting for us to take our eyes off of ourselves and look to Him for our every need, every breath and every blessing!

After the busyness of the holiday celebration, remember the laughter of the little ones, the smiles on the faces of the ones we love so much, the hugs from special friends because those are the things that mean the most. There will always be turkey, sweet potatoes and all the goodies but you can’t replace the true blessings that come straight from heaven!!

I pray for each of us a safe and happy Thanksgiving full of love , friends and lots and lots of dirty dishes!!!

Love you the Jesus,




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