Simple Ways to Save Money | 12 Habits that will Reduce Your Electric Bill



Here are 12 simple ways to save money each month by taking little steps to reduce your home’s electric bill.  Cold weather is on it’s way and that means HIGH electric bills….  Find out how to save money on what many consider a fixed expense just by changing some of your energy-using habits!

  1. Use Energy Efficient/Blackout Curtains:

    Blackout curtains keep the house cool during the summer and retain heat in a room much better than normal curtains in the cold months.  They also reduce outside noise and add privacy.

  2. Do a full load in the dishwasher/washing machine:

    Use your dishwasher and washing machine less by waiting until you have an entirely full load.

  3. Hang clothes to dry:

    Your dryer is one of the Top 3 energy-guzzlers, so avoid using it whenever possible.  When the weather is nice, hang clothes outside until dry.  When it’s not, use a drying rack inside.  Put the clothes in the dryer for 10 minutes on warm with a dryer sheet to fluff and soften.

  4. Keep your freezer full:

    Keeping your freezer full means that any warm air that enters when the door is open has less space to occupy.  It also means that warm air will be cooled much more quickly by the cold items filling your freezer.  If you don’t have enough food to fill your freezer, one great trick is to fill Ziploc bags with water and freezing them.  This is also handy if your electricity ever goes out, the ice will help to keep your food cold.

  5. Turn Off Lights, Appliances when not in use:

    Break old habits of leaving on the tv, computer, lights, fans and other appliances when not in the room.

  6. Cook in batches:

    Use the oven several times while it’s hot – cook your dinner and immediately put in pies, cakes, etc…  If you bake extra portions of a dish, you can save energy by reheating in the microwave later, which is much more energy efficient.

  7. Use your Microwave more:

    The microwave is the MOST energy efficient way to cook food.  Although it won’t work for everything, use it when you can to cut down your bill.  Just remember to turn it off when not in use so it won’t waste energy just to power the clock.

  8. Cook with a Slow Cooker:

    Besides a microwave, the slow cooker is one of the most energy-efficient ways to cook a meal.  A slow cooker uses about the same amount of energy as a lightbulb!  Check out some of our favorite slow cooker recipes here.

  9. Change your air filter:

    A dirty air filter makes your heat & air unit work harder to suck air in.  Change your disposable filter once a month during the winter, and even more often if you have pets.

  10. Clean the refrigerator coils:

    Your refrigerator coils’ main job is to dissipate heat – but if they’re gunked up with dust, pet hair and even kitchen grease, they won’t work efficiently.  Clean them well at least once a year by unplugging the refrigerator and scrubbing them down.

  11. Replace regular lightbulbs with CFL bulbs:

    Incandescent light bulbs use over 4X more energy than CFL bulbs.  Although they cost more out of pocket at the beginning, they’ll pay for themselves over time.

  12. Keep cold weather out:

    During cold weather, roll up a bath towel and place at the base of doors or windows to help further insulate your home.  If you notice cracks, use a caulk gun to seal them up.

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