Simple Tips for Caring for Your Vegetable Garden Beds

vegetable garden tips


No matter what size your vegetable garden is, a few simple tips are all you need to remember when giving it day to day care. Once the hard part of planning and planting is over, day to day care and maintenance can be quite easy as well as enjoyable if you develop a simple system so no task is overlooked. The needs of your vegetable garden will vary, but these simple tips for caring for your vegetable garden beds can keep them not only performing well but looking well too!

Take a peek at how easy it is to care for and maintain your vegetable garden beds:

  • Plant vertically to save yourself some precious space. Let your veggies climb a trellis or arbor.
  • Keep nasty pests at bay for free. Take toilet paper roll and after planting, just set a 3-inch-long cardboard tube around the seedling. Then once the seedling has grown into a plant, you can remove the cardboard collar. So simple and inexpensive!
  • Peat pots don’t break down as quickly as you might think. Tear the tops and bottoms off peat pots when setting out your vegetables. Tear off the top and bottom of the pot before planting it.
  • Newspaper is so valueable. Use newspaper covered with straw between garden rows to kill weeds.

These tips are not only easy to follow, but did you notice how they use items you already have around the house? Caring for your garden to make sure it performs well all season is easier than it seems, and doesn’t have to cost a lot. Follow these simple tips and see how well your garden responds!

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