Shutterfly: Free $30 Credit

If you have an American Greetings Photoworks Account you’ll get a $30 credit for transfering your photos from Photoworks to Shutterfly.  This credit can not be used towards shipping.  Just head on over here to start your transfer.  You’ll have to log into your Photoworks account, then log into your Shutterfly account to start this process.  When your transfer is complete (which will take about 48 hours), Photoworks will email you the $30 credit code to use at Shutterfly.  This code will be valid until June 28.   After you transfer your photos to Shutterfly, you will not be able to access your Photoworks account.  This credit is due to them closing down the site.

Thanks, Freebies 4 Mom for the heads up!

*You will not be able to access your Photoworks account after April 3, 2011.  So if you have unfinished projects or would like to order anything you must do so before this date.
**You will have until May 3 to transfer your account over or it will be deleted.

What will you get with your $30 credit??

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