Why Shopping at ALDI Saves You Money!

ALDI Saves You Money on Your Groceries on time2saveworkshops.com


You can get great deals at ALDI stores and save quite a bit of money. There are several ways that ALDI is able to do this.

Last year, I had the privilege of touring an ALDI grocery store with the ALDI PR team. As you can imagine, it was very interesting to walk through the store and hear how and why their prices are often as much as 50% lower than other grocery stores. Here are a few operational efficiencies that allow ALDI to keep costs to their consumers low while providing quality products:

You may have noticed the use of cardboard displays in their store. ALDI works with suppliers to create cardboard display units to look like an invisible case. This case is meant to blend in with the products. This method of display helps reduce costs since they don’t have to pay an employee to hand stock items individually.

Product placement is also important to ALDI. Items that sell quickly, like bottled water for example, are kept stocked on a wood pallet on wheels to make it easier and quicker to restock.

One unique feature about ALDI’s checkout is that the cashiers sit down. This is the most ergonomic way to scan groceries to help the process move quickly. To keep things moving each product has between 3-6 UPC codes to make checking out more efficient.
As you know, you bag your own groceries at ALDI. Because of this, they don’t have to pay an additional employee to bag groceries. This is another way to strip down as much of the cost as possible that is otherwise passed on to the consumer.

Another paid position that is eliminated is a grocery cart getter. Grocery Carts are $0.25 to unlock at the bay by the front door. You get your money back when you return the cart where you found it. This process is ideal for eliminating the cost of having to have someone out in the parking lot keeping up with grocery carts.

It is small changes such as these that allow ALDI to function for much less than a traditional grocery store. And so, their savings are passed onto you as the customer! Because of their low prices and unique brands however, ALDI does not accept coupons.

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