Video Tutorial: How to get cash back on online purchases


Alright guys – you know how they say a penny saved is a penny earned?  Well – when we post online shopping deals here at Time2$aveWorkshops, we want you to save a penny AND earn a penny!  (They say you can’t have your cake and eat it too – but maybe they’ve never met a couponer!)

I put together a little video tutorial that walks you through the process of using to get cashback when you shop online.  If you’re not already a member – you can join HERE and get a $5 New Member Bonus!

If you’re going to be doing any online shopping – EVER – it just doesn’t make sense not to use a cashback site to earn something back on your purchase.  Whether it’s $.50 or $20, it adds up to tangible money in your hand – just wait until you get your first check in the mail!

Now I’m going to stop typing and let you lean back with your cup of coffee and watch this awesomely awesome tutorial I made for y’all.  Okay – I lied, it is not so much awesome as it is just okay, and yes – I did go sit in my bathroom to try and make the acoustics better, but acoustics just don’t like me a whole bunch.  Ready?  Lights, Camera, Action! Video Tutorial


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