Sewing & Quilting Newsletter (How-To Videos, New Ideas, and Special Offers)


If you or someone you know are wanting to learn more about sewing or quilting – here’s a great FREE newsletter you can join for inspirational ideas, how-to videos and special offers.  I have a love-hate relationship with my sewing machine – I love to make things, and it hates to cooperate ;)  Maybe this would help me get back on the horse!


National Quilters Sewing Circle FREE Newsletter


Sign up to get quilting videos, projects and inspiration. 

1. New How-To Videos – Get the latest quilting how-to videos delivered right to your inbox every week 

2. New Quilting Articles – First look at quilting tips and techniques written by our team of experts 

3. Weekly Inspiration – Fresh new quilting ideas and fun projects to try out every week 

4. Deals & Steals – Our partners have special offers ready and waiting for you throughout the year 

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