Belly Bands for Male Dogs with Incontinence Problems
(This popped up tonight on Amazon when I did a children’s clothing search.  I couldn’t help but crack up.  Don’t get me wrong I might appreciate this product if I had a dog experiencing incontinence problems.  But fabric options?  Print, denim, cordory, or solid I can’t imagine that there could possibly be that much of a demand.  I can think of tons of other things around my house that could be used for the same purpose for free.  I don’t have a pet so obviously I am not the go to person to ask.  I HAVE to know do people really search Amazon for such a thing?)  
DISCLAIMER:  If you already have this product or are planning on buying it, please disregard statements above.   


Pick your color: Print, Solid, Corduroy, and Denim
Size: X-Small (12-14.5″)XX-Small (10-11.5″)Small (15-16.5″)Large (21-24″)Medium (17-20.5″)

Product Description
These are for those male dogs with incontinence problems. Belly bands are made to prevent dogs from marking their territory when out and about. These belly bands are not intended to absorb pee, but to inhibit peeing. For urine absorption, just add a panty liner or tissue. Belly bands provide temporary aid to dogs with incontinence problems. Fashionable and useful. Velcro attachments for a secure fit.  Please measure around rear girth and allow extra room for a panty liner or tissue.
There is only one Customer Review HERE if you want more info.

A merry heart doeth good like medicine… Proverbs 17:22

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